ITURRI Marc, ceramist

Marc Iturri is an artist who uses beautiful clay to create containers whose simple shape is reminiscent of the most archaic vessels. However, his intentions are far from a common ceramic. You have to get close, very close, to distinguish a small chair, a tiny porcelain figure, narrative elements perched on the rim of his pots. Like a leitmotif, in all his pieces, a small ladder plunges or climbs the finely engulfed interior walls of colour that contrast with the naked brutality of the exterior volume. From then on, his pieces read like a landscape where a narrative unfolds. Tragic or happy tale according to one's philosophy: a tiny human being trapped in an arid world or a human being freed by a ladder that opens the door to new universes.

Terralha - 2012, St Quentin la poterie


1996 - Diploma in Technical Architecture from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

From 1999, he began to have contacts with ceramics through different training courses and ceramists.                      

1999 - First contact with the ceramics of the mà d'en Toni Medalla 
2003 - 2005 - Ceramics courses of Margarida Pedragosa
2005 - 2011 - Route back to Fort Ramon
2006 - Raku course at Ramon Fort

Since 2007 Training and collaboration in the Ixió workshop with Joan Serra and Mia Llauder.

2009 - Course of decorative techniques with paper-porcelain at the cerc of Anima Roos
2010 - Ceramic silkscreen printing course at Jordi Berrocal
2011 - Modular Design Course at Alberto Andrés College
2013 - Decoration training at Maria Bosch

From 2015, it will collaborate with the Cumelle Céramique workshop.

2018 - A journey of ridge enamels and return to the care of Mami Kato

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Selection of exhibitions

2015 Exhibition in Vallgrassa-Centre Expérimental de les Arts, Parc del Garraf

2014 Collective exhibition "Illes de fang" at the Ajuntament Vell de Calella
Exhibition of 49 sculptural ceramics International Symposium at Terra Rossa Gallery in Leipzig, Germany
Exhibition at La Rectoria Art Centre in Sant Pere de Vilamajor
Exhibition in the delegation of the Col-legi d'Aparelladors i Arquitectes Tècnics de Barcelona in Granollers
2nd Prize Terrània 2014 at the 12th Montblanc Ceramics Festival, Catalonia, Spain

2013 Exhibition at the gallery Camil-la Pérez del Vendrell, Catalonia, Spain
Participation in the 49th International Symposium of Ceramics and Sculpture in Boleslawiec, Poland
Group exhibition at the Centrum Ceramiki in Boleslawiec (Poland)
Collective exhibition "Diàlegs de fang" at the Museu del Càntir d'Argentona (Catalonia)

2012 Selected for the IV BICMA (International Biennial of Ceramics of Marratxí)
Participation in Terralha-European Festival of Ceramic Arts, Saint Quentin La Poterie

2011 Collective exhibition of the Ixió School at the Museu del Càntir Argentona

2009 Vibracions de porcellana / Collective exhibition at the Associació de Ceramistes de Catalunya Barcelona

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