VILA-ABADAL Rosa & MARCET Jordi, ceramists

Each shape has a skin, and each skin must be decorated according to that shape.

Working together encourages reflection and brings us more richness. We always share, we have never competed

Two make one, many make one, Rosa explains. They find teamwork very interesting because it encourages reflection and brings more richness. Rosa also explains: creating is a very intimate event, and being able to do it together is very enjoyable and enriching, because we always started with the idea of sharing, we never tried to compete.


Jordi Marcet born in 1949 in Barcelona

Studied ceramics in the Massana School
Studied in the Eina Design School
President of the Catalan Association of Ceramists

Rosa Vila-Abadal born in 1950 in Barcelona

Studied ceramics in the Massana School 
Responsible for promoting ceramics in the Catalan Association of Ceramists (ACC) and member of the Management Board of the ACCMembers of the International Academy of Ceramics.
Granted the distinction of Master Ceramic Artisans by the Auto-nomous Government of Catalonia, in acknowledgment of their work in this speciality

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Museums and public collections

- National Museum of Ceramics and Sumptuous Arts, “González Martí”, Valencia
- Musée national Adrien Dubouché, Cité de la céramique-Sèvres & Limoges, France
- Grassi Museum in Leipzin, Germany
- Nakatomi Museum of Contemporary Fine Craft, Japan
- Yingge Ceramics Museum. New Taipei City, Taiwan
- Museu del Càntir d’Argentona, Barcelona
- Design Museum of Barcelona
- Ceramic Museum of Manises, Valencia
- Ethnografhic museum of Ripoll, Girona
- Museum Craft Centre of Spain and America, La Orotava, Tenerife
- Municipal Ceramics Museum of Avilés, Asturias
- Collection Ceramic Workshop School, Muel, Zaragoza
- Testimony Collection of La Caixa, Barcelona
- Collection Fundation of Caixa Vinarós, Castelló de la Plana
- Handelsbankens Konstförening, Stockholm, Sweden
- Art Collection, Ajuntament del Vendrell
- Art Fund, Amics de la Riba, Tarragona

Private Collections in Holland, Austria, Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, France, England, EEUU, Brazil, Spain

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