RIBA Pierre, sculpture

I am interested in works that are predominantly monochrome, minimalism, African art, Cycladic art, Neolithic art. 

Stones, traces, fossils, dolmens, caves, primitive rather than classical works, all fascinate me. 

I seek to work towards the universal (the circle, the sphere, the oval...). 
By the sobriety, the simplification of the forms, my quest is that of the essential.

Pierre Riba


Pierre Riba was born in Ardèche (France) in 1935.

First a painter in the 60s and 70s, then a draughtsman, architect, illustrator... he then became interested in sculpture, and very quickly devoted himself to a material that seduced him by its plastic possibilities: corrugated cardboard.

Cutting, assembling and shaping the cardboard sheets are the first steps of creation; the work is then soaked in resin which hardens the material and is then covered with graphite: these are the explanations of a technique that Pierre Riba masters perfectly. Pierre Riba actually draws his strength from the break with this support, which he is using in a new creative approach. To this material considered simple and unremarkable, the artist will give, by his creative genius, a new power; with the help of this material so banal available, the artist will elaborate a deep and true work.

His constant and obsessive quest towards the essential will lead him to sublimate each of his works into an art both raw and noble. Refusing color, too seductive, the artist prefers deep and velvety black; monochrome, brilliant as basalt, this black is that of the "unsaid", of the abyss, of the "world of enigmas. The forms for their part, voluntarily rounded, close to the pebble, close to the megaliths, tend towards the archaic and the purity.

Pierre Riba is a pure sculptor of works both simple and essential, enigmatic and silent, intermediate between man and archaic forces, as if they were the last vestiges of an unknown civilization.

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Text published in the French magazine Miroir de l'art

Sensual shapes elaborated from simple cardboard sheets ...

So much simplicity and so much complexity mixed together. Signs, shapes, cuts that the eye recognizes but that intrigue. Vague memories of ancestral objects, a totem here perhaps, a mask there. And always, a restraint, an almost religious silence emanates from the monochrome universe of Pierre Riba. The enigmatic works of the artist fascinate and cast doubt. 

"His sculptures are so close to us that when we have seen them once, we feel as if we have always known them, like friends who have come back from far away, like memories or doves, like familiar melodious songs, so much harmony sets them up in front of us, humble and human" insists Georges Chich.
It's true, these artworks made of carefully agglomerated pieces of cardboard have the strange power to impose themselves immediately, like a plastic evidence, a kind of physical law, an obedient refrain that trots in your head all day long.

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