BEAUCOUSIN Gérard, sculpture

Metallic Notes

Oblong, sensual, rigid, of an oscillating symmetry, characters, flowers, profiles and stones of balance, the sculptures of Gerard Beaucousin answer each other soft and reassuring. Volumes of sheet metal, copper, the shapes split up, become thinner, letting the edges fill up and refine in metamorphoses: the shapes of nature and the shapes born of the spirit. The vision of a body and the curve of a mass offered in balance as polished, naked, giving back to the space a point of balance and intimate measurement. The matter launches out, widens, blooms in a languorous rectitude, an intimate presence close to a black sun, not the black sun of melancholy but of a renewed existence in the strength and the voluptuousness of metal. Under the welding, the tinting, the grinding, the metal vibrates slowly as in the heart of the rocks and the birth of bronze, a heavy and slow vibration, from which are born by dint of retrospective glances and polishing by eye and by hand, round, tense, offered forms. At this moment, the naked object is offered, balance regained, the simple offering, almost shy, reassured.

Pierre Escot


Gérard Beaucousin was born on May 15th, 1952.
Self-taught artist, he opened his studio in 1976.

He works with cuprous metals such as copper, brass, nickel silver, bronze and sometimes wood that will come in between the metal.  

In 1990, Gérard Beaucousin received the 1st prize for sculpture from the Artists of Orleans.

His sculptures belong today to various private collections in Europe (France, Great Britain), but also worldwide as in the United States, Australia, Japan or Paraguay. 

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- Les Artistes d’Orléans, Hotel of the department of Loir-et-Cher, France
- Galerie Les Voûtes d’Alexio, Blois, France
- Espace Chateaubriand, Tours, France
- Château de la Forêt, Livry Gargan, France
- Expression d’Atelier, Chenonceaux, France
- La Caverne des Arts, Chantilly, France
- Centre Culturel de Vitry, France
- Galerie Christel, Limoges, France
- Espace Pierre Cardi, Paris, France
- Vern Carver and Beard Art Gallery, Mineapolis, USA
- Château des Planches, Saint Maur, France
- L'Atelier Galerie, Blois, France
- Galerie Philippe Gelot, Paris, France

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Public collections

- Ecole Cellettes, Loir-et-Cher, France 2003

- 2003  Purchase 1% in Limoges, , France (CNASEA)

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