CESCA Corinne, engraving

Body and Emotions

A work on the representation of the body between appearance and disappearance, what appears to us our surreptitious or furtive emotion, a unique moment, which brings to light its intensity that transcribes an immeasurable reality, manifestation of a hidden reality, representing the infigurable. 

Corinne Cesca


Corinne Cesca, born in 1963, grew up in an artistic family. 

It is at the School of Plastic Art of her town that she meets her teachers, former students of Fine Arts, who initiate and train her in drawing, painting, sculpture and monotype printmaking. There she acquires the basics but also a spiritual vision, to develop her own artistic intimacy through the representation of the body. 

In 2017, she leaves her profession to devote herself full time to her artistic passion, the monotype print. She wants to bear witness and make our humanity felt. 

Corinne Cesca gives to her works the feeling of a depth of soul a troubling presence that challenges and questions us. 

In 2019, she received the Prix Espoir du Magazine Miroir de l'art at the Salon Bellaz'art Bastille Design Center in Paris.

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About the monotype print

The monotype is a print in engraving, it is a printing process without engraving that produces a single print, with a high textural quality, unique and precious.

The artist draws on a smooth metal plate, particularly appreciating the soft inks for their malleability to heat, their fineness of line. 

Liking the pleasure of the gesture on the metal plate, remove, scratch, add with various tools and materials, she prefers the tasks, the imperfections departure essential to her creation, disappearing to gradually let her soul appear. 

Using particularly the inks soft cut for their malleability in the heat, and their durability, thick or melted, their fineness of line; mixing transparencies and reliefs, materials and drawing, she inhabits the soul of her characters. 

The final stage: revealing the work on paper with the help of its press, produces a unique and precious print.

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