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CIRINO Nathalie, sculpture

The stone
Feel it, understand it, love it.
Caressing it, softening it, revealing its beauty.
To release the form resting in its interior.
To respect it.

To enter in communication, to dialogue, to exchange.
To make the way together, to listen to each other.
Learning from each other.
To let oneself be carried away.
To travel.

Experimenting with the secrets of stone, of wood.
To combine materials, to make them talk.
Gather their energy.
Singing, dancing.

To seek harmony, complementarity, balance.
Sensuality of my hands, tools on the material.
Initiate oneself to the mysteries of existence.
To give life.

Nathalie CIRINO


Born in 1972 in Germany, Nathalie Cirino grew up in the South of France where her interest in Art emerged. After a degree in "Art, Communication, Languages" at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, she moved to Offenburg, Germany (1993-2000). 

She obtained her diploma as a journeyman stonecutter-sculptor in Freiburg (1997-2000). 

In Pécs, Hungary (2001-2002), she creates her first works, participates in an International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture whose work becomes public and her small formats integrate the permanent collection of the Museum of Nagyatàd. 

In 2005, in Latin America (Costa Rica), she creates her series of "Nomads", participates in solo and group exhibitions. She creates a public work within the framework of the international symposium of Barva where she represents France. 

She shares the workshop, in Hungary as well as in Costa Rica, with renowned sculptors, professors of the National School of Fine Arts. 

Returning to France in 2007, she settled in Sologne (Centre-Val de Loire Region). She is at the origin of the Biennial of contemporary monumental sculpture in Chaumont-sur-Tharonne. 

Parallel to her work, she has been working since 2002 on artistic projects in various structures in ordinary and specialized environments. In 2013, she obtained her diploma as an art therapist at the Faculty of Medicine of Tours and practices her profession with children and adolescents with disabilities. 

Since 2009, she lives, creates and works in Romorantin in the Loir et Cher. 

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Artistic approach

The true journey is the one man makes inside himself. 

My artistic journey is the result of personal reflection, introspection and communication with the material.
My works, like a journey, approach the cycles, the passages of life; from birth, innocence to the quest for balance, harmony, gentleness and purity, to the desire to dream, to marvel. 

In sculpture, the pure forms reveal the strength and complementarity of the materials. At the same time organic and animal, futuristic and architectural, they make the link between the primitive and the contemporary; modern and timeless at the same time. 

My painting, just as sculpture aspires to simple forms, a re search for materials, transparency, tones in resonance. The volumes are full and dense, like "cocoon-houses", suspended in weightlessness, light and air, between sky and earth, always mobile, ready to land as well as to take off, to travel and to travel to other worlds... 

My search for purity is the will to reveal the essential, the universal, to transmit a message of poetry, to bring sweetness and dream. 

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