CUTOLO Anna Maria, painting

I don't know if this work of painting is as much a resistance enterprise as the insatiable desire of what has not yet been born to take shape.

The violence would not be that of the painter, but that of that which wishes to come into the world. By a conception other than biological

Painting or de-burying a face

Something unknown, outside of time, whose immeasurable desire to be engendered, passes through the painter, taking it as a tool to make it happen.

Is it the painter who digs into the paint? Is it the paint that digs into the painter's body of earth?

Painting the face as an acceleration of time? chaos, birth, aging and death - to be reborn on a piece of paper, on a canvas skin

Painting emerges where words do not come from, from the meeting of water and a shore - water, time, the same elusive elements, are combined there with the mud of the body - earth as redemption.

Draw with the water of the unsaid, let the roots dig in this dark humus.

A photo captures the skin, the whole skin of everything - the paint puts a hole in it.

The painted face has no identity - or has them all; disfigured, the face is everyone's face.

And its opposite: figuratively speaking, Rembrandt's face is him, us; Goya's face is his, ours.

Wondering about painting a face for the first time? - or a face that has appeared inadvertently, unexpectedly, out of all intention - and it will be impossible to stop there: one face calls out to another, and another, and another.

Insatiable desire, to the point of disgust that stops at nothing.

What clay do they ask to come out of?

The face depicted here is not the one we see; it's another face, from whom is not there.

Face as a gaping hole in our desire

Anna Maria Cutolo - workshop notes


Anna Maria Cutolo ("Anne Marie" is the French name for convenience of pronunciation) was born in 1960, in the south of Italy and will spend her childhood in Pompeii until she is eight years old.

At the beginning of the 80's, she is in search of her own techniques, and paints her environment, makes self-portraits (pencil, charcoal, gouache).

Aware of the gap between perception and the object, between the eye and the hand, Anna Maria Cutolo gradually abandoned the subject and decided to fragment the image. 

At the end of the 90s, she creates a series of "portraits without mirror". She covers her old canvases: a dormant life between two layers of paint to transform into a series of paintings between abstraction and figuration.

She created the editions "l'un vers l'autre" and since the 2000s she has been producing artist's books with Fabien Claude. 

At the same time, she works on fashion and lingerie catalogs, which she will later divert through painting.

From 2003, she moves from abstraction to a need for figuration to work on the body and face with the series: "Mater", "Childhood", "Madonna", "Pietà", "Fallen Angel" or "Vanity", ... ... . She also works on the border between the sacred and the profane where we can find the resurgence of myths in the work of painting

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Personal exhibitions

2020  Galerie Cridart, Metz, France

2019  Body and Soul, Space Place Gallery, Nijni Taguil, Russia

2018  Galerie du Jansanet, Troyes, France

2017  Galerie Cridart, Metz, France 

2014  Salon Art’Up à Lille, presented by the Galerie Nicole Evin, France

2013  Galerie Lillebonne, Nancy, France

2012 Galerie du Cardo, avec Fabien Claude, Reims, France 

2011  Galerie Alain Rouzé, Nantes, France
Galerie La Louve, Louftemont, Belgium
Galerie Le Clos des Cimaises, St Georges du Bois, Surgères, France

2009  Galerie La Louve, Louftemont, Belgium
Galerie Australe, Saint Denis, La Réunion, France

2008  Atelier 9, Grenoble, France
Galerie Rouge, avec Fabien Claude, Bordeaux, France

2007  Maison de la culture, Galerie Banas, Metz, France
Galerie Matheron Tourre, Manosque, France

2006  Galerie Pick’s, Ostende, Belgium
Galerie Monika Beck, Homburg, Germany 

2005  Médiathèque de Forbach, France
Centre Culturel Le Bosphore, La Seyne sur Mer, France
Atelier des Eyguésiers, Aix-en-Provence, France

2004  Médiathèque de Florange, France
Galerie des Arts Contemporains, La Seyne sur Mer, France
Galerie Picasso, Homécourt, France

2003  Carrefour des Arts, Metz, France
Galerie AR Experiment, Metz, France

2002  Galerie des Arts Multiples, Metz, France

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Collectives exhibitions

2020  Il piacere nei Libri, Livres d’artistes, erotic art, Officina Creativa, Naples, Italy

2019  La 3e Heure, Galerie Ories, Lyon, France
Arte Mini, Galerie du Jansanet, Troyes, France
La Scène, Château de la Chaussée, Saumur, France
Crucifixions et Vanités,  Galerie Le Clos des Cimaises, Saint Georges du Bois, France
Mettici la Faccia, Lineart, Venti Per Venti, Naples, Italy

2018  Arte Mini et Expressionnismes, Galerie du Jansanet, Troyes, France

2017  Salon du Design et de l’Habitat / Salon Art3F à Metz, presented by Cridart, France
Arte Mini, Galerie du Jansanet, Troyes, France
Point Rouge Gallery, Paris, France

2016  Point Rouge Gallery, Paris, France
Waiting for the Moon, Lanificio, Rome, Italy

2015  Faces, Galerie Art Vivienne, Paris, France
Galerie Au-delà des Apparences, Annecy, France
Institut Français de Rome avec NeroGallery, Rome, Italy

2014  A Capella, Le Clos des Cimaises, France

  Arkan, Eglise du Vieux Saint Sauveur, Caen, France
Galerie Carla Milivinti, Blois, France
L’Odyssée, autour des œuvres d’André Masson, Centre Culturel d’Arlon, Belgium

2012  Galerie Délits des Sens, Avignon, France
Le Clos des Cimaises (10th anniversary of the gallery), France
Chapelle Ste Anne, Tours, France

2011  Festival Aardklop, Focus Painting, South Africa
Salon Artmetz, presented par la galerie La Louve, Belgium

2010 Collective exhibition, at A.Schroeter, Condom, France
Galerie Ardital, Aix en Provence, France

2009  La défiguration en art, exposition collective avec O. De Sagazan, A. Correia, F. Claude, …, La Baule, France
Espace Eqart, Marciac, France
Galerie Pierrick Touchefeu, with Fabien Claude, Philippe Crocq, Marc Perez, France
Centre culturel d’Arlon (for the 10th anniversary of the Galerie La Louve ), Belgium

2008  Salon Arténim Grenoble, presented Atelier 9, France
Galerie Ardita, Aix-en-Provence, France
Pavillon Henri IV, with Pascale Morel, Isabelle Vialle, Béatrice Witdouck, Nogent sur Seine, France
Galerie Louise Londre, Bruxelles, Belgium
Les peintres français de la douleur, Galerie Pré aux Sources, Bruxelles, Belgium

2007  Festival désirdésirs : L’Indésirable, Chapelle Sainte Anne, Tours, France
Vanité des vanités, Galerie Artzoom, Longwy, France
Galerie Jean Pierre Delage, Saintes, France
Salon CAL 2007 au Grand théâtre de Luxembourg (dans le cadre de "Luxembourg, capitale européenne de la culture »), Luxembourg
Salon de Lyon et Sud-Est au Palais des expositions, Lyon, France

2006  Art En Vrac (1), Le Pin, Voiron et Tullins, France
Galerie 0vadia, Nancy, France

2005  Espace Castillon, Toulon, France
Salon Puls’art, Le Mans, France
Galerie Chloé Van Dongen, Troyes, France
Galerie De Muelenaere & Lefevere, Bruxelles, Belgium
La Main,, Bruxelles, Belgium

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Public collections

- National Library of Luxembourg 
- Nancy Library
- Media library of Roubaix
- Strasbourg Library
- Library of Sarreguemines
- Forbach Media Library
- Media library of Florange
- Thionville Public Library
- Metz Media Library
- Boulogne Billancourt Library
- NabilaFluxus Museum: Badoero di Morgado, Treviso, Italy

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