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EWELT Ule, ceramic

With archaic and almost wild gestures, Ule Ewelt models animals before their domestication. She brings out their essence. Our cellular memory is awakened, our imagination, in which memories, feelings and intense projections about animals are mixed.

They were there before we appeared. Source of food, food competitor, threat to our survival, from the beginning we are intimately linked to them. They have been represented in all mythologies since the beginning of time.

Bernard David during his speech on the occasion of Ule Ewelt's exhibition at the Centre de la Céramique Contemporaine de La Borne in 2019


Ule Ewelt was born in 1967 in Giessen, Germany. In 1990 she obtained a degree in dressmaking and seven years later another one in geography.

After obtaining this second diploma, she worked as a landscape designer in a planning office until the early 2000s. 

In 2003, Ule opened her studio in Grünberg-Stangenrod and decided to concentrate on utilitarian ceramics. Three years later, she joined the ceramists' guild of the Hessian region.

It is only in 2011 that she turns to figurative works. She enrolled at the Hessian School of Applied Art and joined the Federal Association of Arts and Crafts in the same year.

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My work focuses on the representation of animals. Their sight intensely triggers images, memories, feelings and associations in people. They are richly represented in all mythologies. The close and contradictory relationship with animals goes back to the origins of humanity. In the early Stone Age, man lived in a world inhabited and shaped by animals. For him, they represented a source of food, a food competitor and a threat.

The concern for archaic representations of animals prompted me to delve deeper into this subject. I have made the human-animal relationship in the era of human origins the central content of my work. I have a deep admiration for prehistoric artists who were able to capture the inner essence of animals in their artwork.

For me, the central theme in the representation of animals is the capture of an inner movement, a dynamic snapshot. My intention is to take the viewer back to the time of the first humans, who created impressive works of art from an inner drive. I want my animal sculptures to speak to the viewer on an emotional and instinctive level, building a bridge to the unconscious that has preserved the roots of our origins. In this hidden world, we are one.

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Exhibitions (since 2014)

2019  Guest artist, Centre Céramique Contemporaine, La Borne, France
Exhibition with Benjamin Carbonne (painting), Galerie Artes, Troyes, France
Règne Animal, collective exhibition with Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Simon Griffiths et Nichola Theakston, Galerie Du Don, Le Fel, France
Dans les sabots de la Gaule d'août - Un hommage, collective exhibition, Remisengalerie Schloss Philippsruhe, Hanau, Germany
Terra Vivente, exhibition with Terry Davies, Kacper Kowalski and Carlo Romiti, NOUS Art Gallery, San Gimignano, Italy
Histoire et Histoires, collective exhibition with Sarai Delfendhal, Alice Bandini, Roberto Frankenberg and Jean Grisoni, Galerie Scène Ouvert, Paris, France

2018  La Bestiaire Sublime, personal exhibition, Galerie Grès, Paris, France
Animal, collective exhibition, Galerie Les Communs - Le Bois Dernier, Cormatin, France
Terra Vivente, exhibition with Terry Davies, Kacper Kowalski and Carlo Romiti in different locations of San Gimignano, Italy
Terres actuelles, Ceramic Biennial, Chantemerle-lès-Grignan
Les Journées de la Céramique of St. Sulpice, Paris, France
Martinsons Award, International Biennial of ceramic in Latvia, Daugavpils, Latvia
La Faune, Galerie Atelier 28, Lyon, France
Scié-estampillé, façonné-cuit, exhibition in duo with Heike Endemann (sculptor on wood), Galerie Wendelinskapelle, Marbach am Neckar, Germany

2017 Un peu plus, c'est possible ? Dans le domaine de la tension entre l'art, l'artisanat et le design, exhibition with the association Angewandte Kunst Hessen within the framework of the event of the Chamber of Crafts and Trades of Kassel, Germany
Born in the fire, personal exhibition, Galerie Schiele, Aichach, Germany
Immersion, Galerie La Commanderie, Le Poet-Laval, France
Les journées de la céramique de St. Sulpice, Paris, France

2016  Né dans le feu, guest of the exhibition of Karl-Heinz Till’s workshop, Hofgut Appenborn, Rabenau, Switzerland
Marché des potiers de Darmsheimer
Exposition dans la Zehntscheune, Allemagne, Germany
Biennale de la Céramique, Chantemerle-lès-Grignan, France
Salon international Art en Luberon, Bonnieux, France
Smoke Sign, Galerie CRAFT-Kontor, Bonn Bad Godesberg, Germany

2015 Ur-Sprünge, Stilhaus Panker, Germany
Sculptures animales, personal exhibition, Association Ceramic Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
Les journées de la céramique of St. Sulpice, Paris, France
59e Premio Faenza - International Contest of Contemporary Ceramic Art, Musée de la céramique de Faenza, Italy
Sommerbrand, Galerie de céramique Faita, Hameln, Germany

2014 Terra mobilis - Terra cotta, Galerie JoGross, Brême, Germany
Exhibition with Teresa-Marta Batalla, Rainer G. Schumacher and Ivet Bazaco, Raval de l'Art, Roquetes, Tarragone, Spain

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2016 Flörsheim Ceramics Prize for Wisent-Torso
Art Prize of the City of Herrenberg
Audience Award, Salon international Art en Luberon, Bonnieux, France

2014 Westerwald Award, Ceramics of Europe, praise for Time Travel
Hanau Ceramics Prize (1st) for Ikarus

2013  Prize (1st) at the Oberhess, Kunstausstellung Grünberg for the Minotaur
Hanau Ceramics Prize (2nd) for The Three Crows
Lower Rhine ceramics prize of the city of Krefeld

2012 Prize (1st) at the Oberhess, Kunstausstellung Grünberg for the Musk Ox
Hanau Ceramics Prize (3rd) for Pan

2011 Prize (2nd) at the Oberhess for Rauferei II
Flörsheim Ceramics Prize for The wildebeest's journey 

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