DUFOUR Elise, guest artist for the exhibition, Ce que peut le verre

I intervene during the cooking, everything goes through the gesture. I go through it while being crossed by it. Fast, slow, pushed, stretched, the malleable glass follows the curve of the movements, phrases come to me, until the point of balance or rupture, in a kind of calligraphy of glass. To complete these pieces, I sand them to refine them to the extreme, to make them translucent, blurred, it is a suggestive choice of in-between, neither opaque nor transparent.

Elise Dufour


Born in 1982 in France.

After studying at the Institute of Visual Arts in Orleans in object design option. Attracted by the work of glass, she then undertakes a training at the European Center of Research and Training in Glass Arts in Vannes-le-Châtel near Nancy and obtains the title of European Glassworker Companion in 2008 and then that of Creative Designer in art crafts.

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