LEMOINE Pascal, guest artist for the exhibition, Ce que peut le verre

To blow glass is to arrange an artificial magma to knead its primitive essence. To seek in the heat the movement, the exact moment to stick a form on an emotion in direct link with the matter. Then by the cooling let things freeze. To listen to the silence of this fire which by losing its radiation reveals its glares.

My objects evoke the passage, they try to make a link between the before and the after, the surface and the essence. The shocks, cracks, erosions go through the surfaces and invite themselves in depth until perhaps the matter is not any more

Pascal Lemoine


Born in 1973 in France.

It is by making the link between certain poems of André Breton and glass that Pascal Lemoine became interested in this material at the end of the 90s. Trained at the Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation des Arts Verriers de Vannes le Châtel (2000-2002), he discovered the technique of blown glass which allowed him to start developing a repertoire of materials. He continued his glass apprenticeship and research in England, Sweden and in various workshops in France.

In 2008, he received the "Young Creator" award from the Ateliers d'Art de France. After seven years in Alsace, he set up his workshop in Saône et Loire in 2010. He won the regional prize of the Ateliers d'Art de France, Burgundy region in 2014 and a year later won the departmental prize of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Saône-et-Loire.

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