Dreams from the ashes: Rodin and Jeanclos
The interlacing of works by Auguste Rodin and Georges Jeanclos in this exhibition, which greatly resonate with one another, elicits most interesting insights into the work of either artist, and into the conditions of their creative process. Each sculptor is represented by works in the material, for which he is best know: bronze for Rodin and cloy for Jeanclos.
Eike D. Schmidt - Director of le Galerie degli Uffizi of Firenze (extract from the exhibition's calatog available here)

This exhibition will give the opportunity to a conversation between this two great minds who continually looked for a kind of truth in Art with the necessary sincerity required for the creator to shape the living.
Hugues Herpin - Head of the operations and events service at the Musée Rodin, Paris (extract from the exhibition's catalog available here)

Rodin and Jeanclos, two extraordinary artists who have marked the sculpture history, while completely ignoring the aesthetic and artistic diktats of their own times. Despite their differences in technique and plastically signs, there are several point which link them together: the love of the material, the sculpture as an existential necessity, the admiration of the Antiques, the Nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration...
Laura Capazza-Durand - President of the Galerie Capazza

About thirty artworks are presented

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