LIU Wenqi, ceramic

"I am a ceramist and textile designer and my work resembles as the one of a researcher, I like to explore and mix materials, to test their limits. I play with materials and techniques to develop a creation on the themes of fragility, sensitivity, romanticism, instability, the unexpected, the imperfection"

Wenqi LIU, 2019


Wenqi (Gigi) Liu is a Chinese artist/designer who lives in Paris.

She studied art in Shanghai before arriving in France. In Paris she studied fashion at Studio Berçot and AICP. Then she worked at Marion Chopineau studio on textile creation for high fashion (Balenciaga, Stephane Rolland, Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela..)

In 2015 she opened her own studio in Montreuil and work on different material (ceramic, textile, leather, resin…). She gets inspiration by nature, her life, and sensible world. All her work is made by hand and passion.

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2019  Collective ceramic exhibition Bleu comme la terre, Galerie Capazza, Nançay
International Biennial Révélations, Métiers d’Art et Création workshop, Paris

2018  Biennial Emergences, Pantin
European Exhibiton of Métiers d’Art Résonnance[s], Strasbourg

2017  International Exhibition of Métiers d’Art, Lens

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