BETIN Pauline, guest artist

The notion of landscape is central to my work. Inspired by the elements that shape the landscapes around me, I build, deconstruct and construct minimalist architectures. Like totemic architectures and utopian constructions, these objects allow a dialogue between man and nature, between glass and photography, between image and volume, but also between the intimate and the collective... because the source of all poetry is what is shared in common.

Pauline Bétin


Born in 198 in France.

In 2007, she obtained the National Diploma of Plastic Arts, Art section, at the Beaux-Arts of Rennes. After a CAP option decoration on glass (CERFAV) obtained in 2008, she receives in 2009, the diploma of the European glassworkers with the congratulations of the jury, (CERFAV of Vannes-le-Châtel). The same year is created the workshop La Fabrique du Verre in Torcé (Ille et Vilaine).

In 2011, she is a laureate of the Young Creators competition of the Ateliers d'Art de France and obtains in 2014 the Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass (Germany).

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Public collections

- Musée du Verre de Charleroi, Belgium

- Musée du verre de Sars-Poteries, France

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