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OBERDIECK Michèle, guest artist for the exhibition, Ce que peut le verre

Inspired by natural forms and organic structures, I explore balance and asymmetry through form, texture and the gradual transition of color. I reflect the soft organic lines created when one molten color bleeds into another with biomorphic form.

Color, purely sensory, enriches the linear with meaning.
As a medium of both clarity and ambiguity, the ability of glass to distort and alter our perspective is intriguing.
By cutting and removing layers of color, I examine the positive and negative terrain by playing with transparency and opacity, exposing the reflection of light and shadow of the contained interior space on the exterior form.

Michèle Oberdieck


Born in 1968 in Canada.

Michèle Oberdieck has lived in the UK for over two decades. After training as a textile designer at the Glasgow School of Art, she ran her own textile design studio in London for 12 years before embarking on a master's degree at the Royal College of Art where she was captivated by blown glass.

In 2019, Michèle Oberdieck was selected for the Ireland Glass Biennale, Venice Glass Week in 2019 and 2021, and recently for the European Applied Art Exhibition 2021-2022.

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