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In Nançay

Le pôle des Étoiles

Do you want to discover the secrets of the universe? The Pôle des Etoiles in Nançay is the ideal place! This museum brings together several interactive activities, exhibitions as well as unusual activities, as well as a planetarium. It is also more than 450 m2 dedicated to the universe and astronomy! The icing on the cake, it is located near the Nançay radio astronomy station, dedicated to the observation of waves from space.You will be guided by scientific animators. Still active, the entire station (which includes the large radio telescope known as the 5th largest building of its kind in the world), mobilizes around fifty engineers / researchers.

Les sablés de Nançay

The famous sablé de Nançay biscuit is born 60 years ago and is hand made in the traditional manner, respecting the original recipe.
The factory shop remain open every day, including bank holidays.

L'atelier des patines
Specialized in lime plasters and in natural painting, the shop propose a large range of natural pigments, ornementation patina, waxed concrete, gold plating ...

Golfcourse of Nançay-Sologne
A charming 9-hole golf course, located in a natural setting, maintained free of pesticides.

Aventure parc de Nançay
Accrobranches course, which is a type of obstacle course itrees; situated ia privileged natural surroundings.
Ideal for children and adults.

In Neuvy sur Barangeon (5 km from Nançay)

La maison de l'eau
3 natural and cultural spaces. 1st space: The Biodiversity Mill ... Discover 3 universes: The old water mill in the 15th century village. : its history and how it works. Bogs. Dive into the deepest secrets of peat bogs and discover an unsuspected world! Rivers and ponds between Loire and Sologne. Let the current take you to meet the water. Nearby: 2nd space: M.Gentil's pond ... suitable for relaxation and a stroll, this park on the banks of a river includes a pond, a bamboo plantation, an undergrowth and a picnic area ... 3rd space: the Tourbière de la Guette, a site classified as Sensitive Natural Space, is open to all year round.

In Aubigny sur Nère (25 km from Nançay)
There was a time when alliances offered original concessions. This was the case during the famous Hundred Years War, who saw the King of France Charles VII handing over the name of the Auld Alliance, the lordship of Aubigny to John Stuart of Darnley, constable of the Scottish army. For almost 4 centuries, the village lives in Scottish time, kilts, bagpipes and whiskeys line the places where the language of Shakespeare has no secrets for anyone. Rediscovered French territory at the beginning of the 19th century, the Scottish heritage is still very present today in the City of Stuarts which offer a rich group of historical or heritage interest of medieval and Renaissance buildings such as the Maison François 1er or the Maison Victorine

In Oizon (30 km from Nançay)

Château de la Verrerie
The Château de La Verrerie is a Renaissance gem built by Béraud Stuart. This place conceals paths where Alain-Fournier, the author of Grand Meaulnes liked to walk. It was owned by the Stuarts for two centuries, then Louis XIV offered it to Louise de Kéroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth.

In La Borne (30 km from Nançay)

Comfortably installed between Sologne and Sancerre, the small village of La Borne is an essential stopover for lovers of art, pottery, ceramics and nature. Surrounded by the forest and shared between the 2 vineyards of Menetou-Salon and Sancerre, this village of 200 souls welcome a large number of potters and ceramists who will be happy to open their studios and discuss with you.

Le Centre Céramique Contemporaine
The Centre of Contemporary Ceramics at La Borne holds an iconic and indispensable place in the contemporary ceramics scene, through its output and its promotion of the practice of ceramics. Its activities relate to the preservation, showcasing and development of the culture of international contemporary ceramics and propose numerous international ceramic exhibitions.

In Bourges (35 km from Nançay)

If in another time, Bourges was one of the capitals of France, nowadays it is indeed the capital of Berry! A qualification guaranteed by the rich heritage of the city and its surroundings.
t is impossible to stroll through the cobbled streets of Bourges without passing a half-timbered house or a private mansion, a true heritage from the Middle Ages. It's also difficult not to come across a museum or gallery.

The Saint-Etienne cathedral
The Saint-Etienne Cathedral, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1992, is unique in its design. A masterpiece of Gothic art, admirable for its proportions and the unity of its design, it testifies to the power of Christianity in medieval France.

The Jacques Coeur palace
is one of the most sumptuous buildings of civil architecture of the 15th century. A flamboyant Gothic masterpiece. The Gothic repertoire, the royal symbolism, elements of the arms of Jacques Coeur and realistic representations of everyday life are combined with it.

The Estève Museum

Building of the 15th and 17th centuries, it is a jewel that highlights the creative imagination of Maurice Estève, major painter of the second half of the 20th century.

The Lallemant hotel

The Lallemant hotel was built from 1497 for the Lallemant brothers finance officers and enlightened art lovers. The facades of this building have an Italian-style decor of exceptional quality.

The Berry museum

founded in 1834 and installed since 1892 at the Hôtel Cujas, a listed historic monument. This mythical place of Bourges exhibits within it various archaeological collections mixing Etruscan bronzes, Gallo-Roman vestiges, Egyptian mummy or even weeping from the tomb of Jean de Berry. While walking on the first floor of the building, you can also admire the painting collections of renowned artists such as Jean Boucher, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, or even Nicolas Tournier.




The Jacques Coeur route, the oldest Historic and Tourist Route in France (1961), has never seemed so young. Resting on a unique and varied heritage, the Jacques Coeur route offers you a beautiful 150 km ride between Gien and Ainay-le-Vieil through fields, valleys and vineyards. 

A veritable collection of treasures, it comes alive in season and capsizes the hearts of tourists who come to explore it.


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