PHILIBERT-CHARRIN, painting-collage, Permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 1977

“This is not about inspiration, nor imagination, nor intelligence… but about heart, humanity”.

" What so much disturbed the spirits, in the history of painting of the XXth century (to the point to provoke smiles, contempt or indignation, according to the situation) can be similar to a division of the relics.

Some seized a color (the blue or the black, it does not matter), others repeated a shape to the infinity, others else replaced the work by their signature. Each one considering to hold a piece of the real cross, when they had between the hands only a dead piece of wood.

Aside but without resentment, whatever is the material that Philibert-Charrin used, he gave the impression of wanting to pick up the pieces, literally as in the figurative way, never losing sight of the complementary qualities which demands an accomplished art.

We shall notice here that only a real painter could restitute a not totally lost unity.”
Gérard Macé

"Of a delicious delicacy, divested of any affectation, and of a vibrating, hypersensitive sensibility, the paintings and collages of this artist of a rare talent are collage only by the name. Every small scrap of paper, leaf of oak or plane tree, every piece of partition or subway ticket is used only for its pictorial value. So it is necessary to take a little of backward movement to contemplate the works and forget one moment what constitutes them; to forget also the old debate between abstract and figurative, because these small magic paintings are both, alternately or at the same time. Among largest formats, we shall notice a work which, by the subtlety of the relationships of tones assembled can evoke one most BRILLIANT. "
Marc Hérissé, La Gazette de Drouot.


Philibert-Charrin was born in 1920 in Montmerle-sur-Saône (France) and died in June, 2007 in Pierrefitte (France).

Caricaturist, set decorator, painter, draftsman, sculptor but especially " collage maker " of talent.

Refined collages with paper, on bare bottom. A ruined inside, a bird on a frame, a naked woman on a pillow are evoked with partitions, wallpapers, emery canvases ripped edges of which we see. Philibert Charrin is also the author of " paintings - collages in box " on the representational subjects on the background of idealized image, of a very old advertising or of a fragment of garment, and everyday objects, subway tickets, pencils, etc.... He also does sculptures by assembly heterogeneous elements, then cast in bronze.

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Public collections

1970 : Peinture-Collage, 12070, 195 x 97 cm.
1972 : Peinture-Collage pour Violon, 195 x 97 cm.
1978 : M. Wittez, collage, 130 x 89 cm (Fond national d’Art contemporain, Fnac).
1980 : Couple vert-jaune, collage, 65 x 50 cm (Service de la Création artistique).
1983 : Couple Jaune-vert, peinture-collage (Fnac).Conseil régional du Rhône
2001 : Boutikaboutons, collage, 65 x 46 cm.
2007 : Belzébu, collage, 102 x 67 cm.
2008 : Conseil Général du Rhône, Collage.

Musée Paul-Dini, Villefranche-sur-Saône, France
Autoportrait « Véranda », 1963, huile sur isorel, 38 x 32 cm.

City of Douvaine, France
1962 : L’Élagueur au cœur gai, fer et fonte, 2 tonnes, 14 m de haut.

City of Lyon, France
1979 : M. Bernard Z, peinture-collage, 53 x 40 cm.

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Par Philibert-Charrin
Paul Philibert-Charrin humoriste published in : Compagnons, Éclats de rire, Le Progrès, Le Rire, 100 blagues, L’Os à Moelle, L’Opinion, L’Effort, ANIK, Le Sel, Cœurs Vaillants, Ames Vaillantes, La Parisienne, De Dijon, Ici Paris, Candide, Lyon-Républicain,
Le Pèlerin, Marches, Concorde, L’Écho de Savoie, L’humanité, L’Auto, L’illustré Suisse, Guignol, La Voix ouvrière…
•   STO, Éditions de Savoie, 1945, préfacé par Frédéric Dard. Album de 100 dessins de PHILIBERT-CHARRIN.

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