UMBDENSTOCK Jean-Pierre, glass sculpture, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since

Glass and word

Between glass and written language there is an age-old relationship. Indeed, the coming of the despotic omnipotence of the Word, which proscribes the image, coincides with the invention of glass. Strangely compelling, halfway between figure and sign, glass is the neutral element for the image and therefore tolerable. Material of passage, or better, seepage, glass does not represent, it transmits.
(…) Both present and absent, its ambiguity would enchant a walker on the tightrope between conceptual and baroque, who without falling would blow in onto the slender ridge between image and script. But where is the dividing line?
Beyond Art no doubt.

Jean-Pierre Umbdenstock


Stained-glass maker at studio Le Chevallier from1974 to 1978

Initiation into the technique of the blown glass at l'Atelier du Verre of Sars-Poteries, then at Claude Morin’s.

First studio in Ongles, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in 1980.

Participates to the first Symposium International du Verre de Sars-Poteries in 1982.

Prize-winner of a Research grant and Creation awarded by the Ministry of Culture (CNAP) in 1983.

Stay at California College of Arts & Crafts -Oakland (San Francisco) under the direction of Marvin Lipofsky

Settles down in Namur where he shares the studio of Véronique Lutgen, his wife.

Co-founder with Louis Mériaux of the Summer University of Sars-Poteries in 1985, he is the coordinator and supervise numerous introductory and improvement courses there until 1987.

Feasibility study, conception and installation of the Verrerie de Phoenix - recycled glass—in Mauritius (1990-1991)

Project leader for the creation of an international center of glass in Meisenthal (Lorraine) in 1990.

Gastdozent in Hochschule der Bildenden Kunst in Sarrebruck from1992 to 1995.

Project leader by the Interministerial Delegation for cities (1994)

Freel-ance designer at Cristallerie Royale de Leerdam. Série unica 1995.

Invitation at the European congress Waste and Insularity in Ajaccio in 1995.

Associed with Véronique Lutgen and Robert Houri, settlles, in 1995, a new studio in Saint-Gobain on the historic site Manufacture royale des Glaces, created by Colbert in 1665.

Project leader in the City of Ajaccio within the framework of the program ECO-MED-VILLESI

Closing of Hyalos studio

Invitation to l'Atelier du Verre de Sars-Poteries during 10 days on the occasion of his(her,its) fence(close) (2000 ) before the inauguration of the new workshop(studio). Teaching at Cam Ocagi - The Glass Furnace Istanbul (Turkey) 2002-2003

Residence Museum of Sars-Poteries (septembre à novembre 2002)

Coordinating project OSSIDIANA (Ajaccio) Construction site of insertion (january to september 2003)

Décédé en janvier 2011

Public collections

Musée des Arts Décoratifs—Paris, France, France

Collection du Symposium International de Novy-Bor, Czech Republic   
1983   Musée BSN Veauche, France

Musée des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux, France

Musée du Verre de Sars-Poteries, France

Ministry of Foren Affair of Belgium

Musée Unterlinden, Colmar, France

Musée du verre de Meisenthal, France

Fonds National Art Contemporain, Paris , France

Presidency of the French Republic

Musée d'Annecy, Don Irving J Borowsky, France

Collections régionales, Rouen, France

Musée du verre de Meisenthal, France

Reinbach Glasmuseum, Germany

National Glasmuseum Leerdam, Netherlands

Musée du Verre de Sars-Poteries, France

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark

Musée du Verre de Sars-Poteries, France

Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Glassammlung Ernsting, Germany

Musée du Verre de Conches, France

Musée d’Opale Sud, Berck sur Mer, France

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2021  Art du verre contemporain, Around the collection Denise et Marcel Heider, Maison Gribaldi, Evian-Les-Bains 

2016  Studio Glass, glass artists in the collections of the Glass Museum of Meisenthal

2013  Exhibition tribute to Jean-Pierre Umbdenstock, « Et je te soufflerai un vase dansant », galerie de Martot

2012  TRANS_verre #1, Musée du verre, Carmaux

2010  Mémoire de verre, from archaeology to contemporary art, Departmental Museum of Antiquity, Rouen

2009  Musée d'Opale Sud Berck sur Mer
Galerie Complément d'objet Martot
Cour des Boecklin, Strasbourg

2007  Galerie Michèle Guerin

2006  Musée du Verre de Conches
Galerie Complément d'objet, Martot
SOFA Chicago. Galerie Modus (Paris)

2005  Galerie HD Nick, Aubais

2003  Musée du Verre de Sars-Poteries
Galerie HD Nick, Aubais
Galerie Nadir, Lyon
Galerie DM Sarver, Paris

2001  Galerie DM Sarver, Paris
Galerie Complément d'objet, Rouen

1999  Galerie HD Nick, Aubais

1998  Galerie Geneviève Godard, Lille

1997  Galerie 13, Rennes

1996  Galerie DM Sarver, Paris
Galerie HD Nick, Aubais

1994  INVETRO Gallery Hanovre, Allemagne

1993  Galerie Nadir, Annecy

1992  INVETRO Gallery Hanovre, Allemagne
Galerie DM Sarver Paris

1991  Galerie HD Nick, Aubais
Galerie Complément d'Objet, Rouen

1990  Douwes-Deckers Glass Gallery, Utrecht, Pays Bas
Galerie DM Sarver, Paris

1989  Galerie Complément d'Objet, Rouen
Galerie Nadir, Annecy

1988  Galerie DM Sarver, Pari
Galerie Capazza, Nançay

1987  Musée du verre Charleroi, Belgique
Galerie DM Sarver, Paris
Galerie Paskine de Gignoux, Strasbourg
Galerie du Salon, Arles

1986  Galerie Transparence, Bruxelles, Belgique

1985  Galerie Suzel Berna, Antibes
Galerie DM Sarver, Paris
Galerie Capazza, Nançay

1984  Galerie DM Sarver, Paris

1983  Galerie Z, Aigues Mortes

1982  Galerie Arcadie, Lyon
Galerie Momiron, Biot
Galerie Suzel Berna, Antibes
Galerie DM Sarver, Paris

1981  Hôtel de Ville de Manosque
Galerie d'Art Moderne, Orange

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