LEPERLIER Juliette, glass sculpture, permanent artist of the Galerie Capazza since 2015


Born on march, 15th, 1984
Great grand-daughter of the sculptor François Décorchemont, designer of an original technique of molten glass, daughter of Etienne Leperlier, she belongs to one of the great dynasties of glass craftsmen and more particularly the pâte de verre.
She works with passion the pâte de verre, this technique of molding in the lost wax which allows to shape the glass in refractory plaster molds. A technique which consists in coloring the glass in the mass. For the young woman, the molten glass demands numerous specific knowledge, sculpture, modeling, molding, glass-making, foundry, size, polishing but also chemical knowledge of the glass... In brief, a synthesis of techniques which makes it an unique art.
Very recently, Juliette Leperlier took over the direction of the studio of her father.
Her creations are inspired by organic forms, from the nature, characterized by games of opacity and transparency.
Her sculptures are generally of simple forms, close to the abstraction. She likes curves more than right angles, attempts to find a coherence between the shape and the material in her works.

Assistant teacher of pâte de verre with Etienne Leperlier in Sars Poterie (France) Teacher at University Panthéon - Sorbonne Paris1
2009/2010   Master 2 Plastiques Arts, University Panthéon - Sorbonne Paris1
2008/2009   Master 1 Plastiques Arts, University Panthéon - Sorbonne Paris1 Jewelry ,Nicolas Flamel school, Paris Animation of plastics arts workshops
2008   Modeling trainee at the Louvre Workshops
2007/2008   Licence of Plastics Arts, University Panthéon - Sorbonne Paris1
2007   Creation of decor for Disneyland Paris, Bournillat Sculpture workshop
Trainee in a workshop of decors, Montréal (Québec): realisation of theatre set for Jazz festival « Led’s Go » contest : creation of lamps’ prototypes
2004/2007   Studies at the Ecole nationale supérieure d’arts appliqués et métiers d’arts à Paris (ENSAAMA)
2003/2004   Plastics arts studies at University Paris 1

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2014  Ateliers d’Art de France Prize winner

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2021  Enfances, collective exhibition, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2020-2021  Glass is Biotiful, Exhibition rooms Hedberg/Torun à Biot

2020  Le torse d’une femme à la pureté d’un vase, grandes courbes simples d’un fruit désiré, Parcours d’art contemporain autour d’Auguste Rodin, 1 exhibition, 5 locations, collective exhibition, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2019  L’Arbre c’est le temps rendu visible, Galerie Capazza, Nançay
Le verre expression d’art, Triennale du verre, Centre minier de Faymoreau
Participation to the Biennale international glass of Bulgarie

2018-2019  Au Liuli Muséum, Taïwan, in partnership with the Galerie Capazza

2018  Contemporary Glass, Espace de la Calende, Rouen
Miroir des sentiments, Galerie Capazza, Nançay
Eclats de Verre, Musée du Pays de Conches
Aujourd’hui et demain, la jeune garde du verre français, Musée du verre de Carmaux

2017-2018  Éclats de Verre, Musée des traditions et des arts Normands, Château de Martainville

2017  Contemporary Glass at the Espace de la Calende, Rouen
Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles, Galerie Capazza, Nançay
International Festival of Glass, Bruntnell & Astley, White House Cone museum of glass, Stourbridge, UK

2016  Vénus et Vulcain, Galerie Capazza, Nançay
Nouveau Souffle à La Nef, Montpellier
Salon Ob’Art, Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris

2015-2016  3rd glass biennale, Colombes, France
European applied arts price exhibition, Mons, Belgium

2015  Objets d’émotion, Touques Église Saint-Pierre
Constellation(s), Halle du Verrre, Musée du Verre – Centre Verrier, Claret

2014  Exhibition at the ateliers d’Arts de France, Paris, France

2010  pâte de verre jewels exhibition, "Arts & crafts supermarket" au Muséo Internazionale Delle Arti Applicate Oggi, Turin, Italy

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