ZORITCHAK Yan, glass sculpture, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 1994

" By a stroll in the Milky Way, leading us of an intergalactic space to the belt of asteroids, I shall like evoking by my sculptures the relation between space-time and man. To follow this Arianne’s thread, I shall use the glass, the first material of synthesis created by the man, and vector of the communication of the third millennium. This noble material, allows us to look of the infinitesimal until the almost limit of the infinity. My sculptures allow me to return on the earth of the portions of the space, facilitating to each of us the journey in the universe. By the bright game of the reflection and the refraction, in my spirit or in the vision of the man, we approach the fourth dimension"
Yan Zoritchak


Yan Zoritchak was born on 1944 to Zdiar, in Slovakia. He makes his artistic studies to the School of the Decorative arts of Bratislava then to the College of the Applied Glass by Zelezny Brod (1959-1963 ) and to the High School of the Decorative arts of Prague ( 1963-1969 ).

Since 1970 Yan Zoritchak lives and works in France, where its merits are recognized for several years because he was named Knight of the order of the Arts and Letters in 1987. It is one of the most creative glass-making artists of our time. He is the author of numerous series of sculptures presented in prestigious places, in the suggestive titles of brilliant travel in the universe: polar, Arctic and Antarctic Flowers, celestial Flowers, Lakes of space, wandering Rocks, Spaces, celestial Gardens, Nova, Messengers.

The works of Yan Zoritchak are present in more than about fifty public collections in France and in a dozen foreign countries, in Germany, Australia, Belgium, China, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech republic, Ukraine and the USA.
Since 1973 the artist realized more than 80 personal exhibitions in Europe, in the USA and in Japan. He is the prize-winner of prestigious international prizes.

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