MONOD Isabelle, glass sculpture, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 1998

“I should have lit my kiln at the very beginning of October, by the latest, in order to have any chance of honoring my commitments towards the gallery.

This, for various reasons, could not be done.

The only answer was to use the few cubes or blocks still available, to find some material amongst all the bibs and bobs of glass saved for the fusing, in order to rebuild two or three pieces of art worthy to take part in this place.

I finally managed to achieve this on October the 17th, just before cancelling everything.

Nothing is yet completed, but one can imagine what the pieces will be like when finished.

In the extract from the text that Gérard had sent us, I read :

“The culinary vocabulary of alchemy is very rich and, often, still with us.”

In addition, it is similar to ordinary cooking.

In times past, when I was still cooking daily, I was an expert at using up the leftovers.

I hope it will be the same for the compositions that I am presenting in this exhibition.

Find again the harmony, the balance of colors and shapes …”

Isabelle Monod


Born in Geneva in 1945
Lives in France since 1967

My road meets that of the glass when Claude Monod, my husband, helped by his sister Véronique, creates his studio in 1976. The glass, for me, was at first a game, then a daily practice; it became little by little an important part of my life.

The time is at the center of my work: constraints and speed of the work of the hot glass (blowing), the slowness and the distance during the cold work (cuts), or of the "fusing". Getting in touch of worked elements (glass) and of raw elements (wood - pebbles - metal -paper). The glass, it is here and now. It takes shape and color in the studio.

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For several years, I participate " in Verriales " of the International Gallery of the Glass in Biot - Exhibitions with theme (catalogs) with the permanent artists of the gallery more one or two guests - place of meeting and exchange on two days with artists of horizons -so geographical as artistic- very different.

The same goes for the exhibitions with spring theme which take place every year for the opening of the Gallery Sophie and Gérard Capazza in Nançay - In this place, the artists working the glass live with the sculptors, the ceramists and the painters. They meet during the inaugurations, sometimes with dancers or musicians, what allows them a dynamic and liberating opening of the mind.

Isabelle Monod also realized many exhibitions in France and abroad.

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Public collections

Kunstammlung, Veste Coburg, Germany
FNAC - Dépôt Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France
Musée du Verre de Sars-Poteries, France
Musée de Frauenau, Germany
Moderne International Glaskunstmuseum, Ebeltoft, Denmark
Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain de Nice, France
Fond Régional Haute Normandie - Deposition at the Hôtel de Région, Rouen, France
Musée National de Céramique, Sèvres, France
State found of the canton of Geneva, Switzerland
Collection G. Saxe, San Francisco (private collection) Read more

Exhibition selection

2021  Translation, les collections du musée d’Art moderne , Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology, 5th version, Besançon

2016  Vénus et Vulcain, collective exhibition, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2015  Les Clefs d’une passion, Fondation Louis Vuitton

2014  Les Belles Endormies, Le Cannet, Musée Bonnard
Eclats de Verre, 60 ans de création, Exhibition of Artists Biotois, Gourdon

2013  Gourmandises, Galerie Complément d’Objet, Martot

2012  Exhibition Jörg Hermle and Isabelle Monod, Galerie, Versailles

2011  35 ans de verre, Musée du Verre, Conches

2009  Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France

2008  Galerie Complément d'objet - Martot - France

2007  Galerie Hélène Porée - Paris - France

2005  Galerie Complément d'objet - Martot - France

2004  Galerie Place des Arts - Montpellier - France

2003  Galerie Nadir - Lyon - Annecy - France
Galerie D.M. Sarver - Paris - France
Espaï Vidre - Barcelone - Catalogne - Espagne

2002  Galerie Ursula Rosenhauer avec Alain Fillit
photographe - Göttingen - Allemagne
Galerie Kühler, Amsterdam - Pays Bas
Galerie Complément d'Objet - Martot - France

2001  Fondation Eksternest- Roeselare-Zilverberg - Belgique
Galerie D.M. Sarver - Paris - France

2000  "Clin d'œil à Claude" - Galerie Complément d'objet - Martot, France

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