GONTHIER Lise, guest artist for the exhibition, Ce que peut le verre

Where composition and technical mastery manage to find a place of osmosis in the theme and the approach. Perpetual research of a sensation of light in the material and its visual capacities to give a true poetic story. The primary function of my works is to establish a relationship between poetry and sensuality of the glass material that I work. 

Lise Gonthier


Born in 1981 in France.

Since her childhood she draws, paints and is naturally oriented in studies in Applied Arts in drawing and ceramics. She continued her studies at the Beaux-Arts de Besançon, in painting for three years.

A visit to a blowing workshop fascinates her. The light, the transparency, the physical aspect, the direct encounter with the glass material led her to the CERFAV (European Center for Research and Training in Glass Arts) specializing in glass blowing. After several internships in France and abroad she opened her own workshop in the south of France in 2009.

Since 2014 she has been working with architects and decorators.

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