BALME Paul, sculpture, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 2006

“Classicism and modernity mixed : rigor of the design, the simplicity of the forms, the purity of lines, the plenitude of the volumes, the very learned set of the lights and the shadows, the delicacy of the relief, the power of the construction, the elegance of the realization, paradoxical sweetness of the material… It is as architecture, indeed, but that we do not live in: it is it, when we plunge there, which lives in us”.

André Comte-Sponville, philosopher


Born in Paris in 1952

Graduated of ENSAAMA in 1975

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Living Art Prize, La Roche Guyon, France

Sculpture Prize of Salon d’Automne, France

Member of Salon d’Automne, France

Laureate of Salon de Cognac (Charentes) , France

Sculpture Prize, Biennale de Baugé, France

Paul Ricard Fondation, 1st Prize, France

Sandoz Prize, Taylor Fondation, France

Paul Ricard Fondation, 1st Prize, France

1er Great Prize of the Young Sculptors of the National Society of Fine Art

Member of S.N.B.A. , France

Rumsey Prize

Taylor Fondation Prize

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Administration of Pieces and Medals

City of Paris “Sagesse” iron

City of Saint-Maur (94)“ Torse” - copper

Bank - Paribas - Chicago agency - “Phrygienne” - copper

Blois commemorative monument

Villefontaine - Three copper figures

Fondation Paul Ricard “Torse” copper

Fondation Paul Ricard “Blue Swing” copper

Fondation of Reader Digest “Rythmes”

Telema Production Advertisement - Bronze.

private collections, France, Switzerland, Irland, USA.

1995-2006 private furniture specific orders

1% school decoration in Blois

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Comparaisons, Paris, France

Autumn fair, Paris, France

Société Nationale des Beaux Arts, France

International contemporary Art fair of Monaco

Angers, Blois, Cognac, Bandor, Baugé, Mérignac, Orléans, Doué La Fontaine, Franconville,

Paris XVIIe, espace Bingen, France

Paris, Mairie du XIIIe, Guest of Honour, France

Campo - Santo Orléans, France

St’art, Strasbourg, France

Art Elysées, Paris, France

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Museums and galleries

Musée of Saint Maur, France

Cercle des Créateurs, Paris, France

Château du Grand Jardin, Haute-Marne, France

Galeries Château des Hayes, Maine et Loire, France

Galerie La Méridienne, Vannes, France

Galerie Arts Multiples, Metz, France

Château d’ Homécourt, Meurthe et Moselle, France

Galerie Chantal Montreau, Tours, France

Viaduc des Arts, Paris XIIe, France

Mairie du XIIIe, Paris, France

Beaux-Arts d’Alger, Algeria

Galerie Michèle Broutta, Paris

Galerie Voutat, Geneva, Switzerland

Théâtre d’Amboise, France

Galerie Carla Milivinti Blois, France

Les Migrateurs, New York, USA

Foire d’art contemporain, Bourges, France

Galerie Marie Demange, Paris, France

L'Oratoire de Coutiras, Vendôme, France

Maison du Loir et Cher, France

HR Valley, Paris, France

Musée de Vendôme, France

Arts itinérances, Conseil Général d’Eure et Loir, France

Fondation Taylor, Paris, France

Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France

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Interventions and participations

Collection of lampes and decorative panels for Etamine

Sculptures for the french film “Péril en la demeure” directed by Michel Deville

Jewells for the film “ Au petit bonheur” directed by Michel Deville
Collaboration with the society JC Detallante-Design

Realization of “Flower Matengo” for Takashi Murakami

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A the Claude Roederer academy, Place des Vosges, Paris.

In charge of modelling teaching at the Chargé de cours de modelage à la Chambre Syndicale of jewellery and goldsmithery, Paris.

Responsible of the conception and metal fabrication studio at the Centre for Arts and Crafts of Périgny, France

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