ZEMBOK Udo, verre, sculpture de verre, Permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 2016

« Having studied the painting, I quickly dedicated myself to the work of the glass. A material which offers possibilities unequalled in term of light and colors. The painters always tried to get the light. I quickly took in my account this historic quest for the light.
I discovered the glass-making techniques in a studio which realized orders for artists in Amsterdam. This medium fascinated me and for almost 40 years I pursue my personal researches.
I worked out a particular technique of glass plates superimposing among which each is pigmented by powders of colored glass. This block of glass merged, revealed by the crossing light , expresses the color in three dimensions.
Our eye defines the physical, the scientific reality but our individual perception opens us, reveals us, teaches us who we are ».
Udo Zembok


Born in 1951 in Braunschweig, Germany

Studies Graphic Art with Malte Sartorius at the High School of Fine Arts of Braunschweig

Studies Painting with at the Alanus High School of Arts in Bonn, Germany

Field trip in Amsterdam, Netherlands   
Collaboration with the Bout+Partners Psychological Institute for the integration of arts pratical in the industry managers formation

Moves to France

Lives and works in Menton, France

Udo Zembok is the prize-winner, with Pascale Zembok, of the contest for the conception of a glassworker bow for the new Cathedral of Créteil, France. Architects
: AS Architecture Studio, Paris.
Dimensions of the glass bow : 57 m long and 2 m large.

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2013  Award of Excellence, Habatat Galleries, Royal Oak MI, USA

2009  Finaliste Kanazawa Glass Price, Kanazawa, Japon

2006  Coburg Price for contemporary Glass in Europe, Coburg, Allemagne

2001  Prix Liliane Bettencourt, Paris

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Selected exhibitions

2021  Enfances, collective exhibition, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2020  Le torse d’une femme à la pureté d’un vase, grandes courbes simples d’un fruit désiré, Parcours d’art contemporain autour d’Auguste Rodin, 1 exhibition, 5 places, collective exhibition, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2016  Centre Minier Faymoreau, Vendée, France

2015  Galerie Yolenn White, Genève, Switzerland
Espace d’art contemporain André, Colmar, France

2010  Fondation Ernsting - Musée Alter Hof, Coesfeld, Germany

2008  Les espaces de la lumière, Centre International du Vitrail, Chartres, France
Galerie Hélène Porée, Paris, France

2006  Galerie Hélène Porée, Paris, France
Galerie complément d’Objet, Martot/Rouen, France
Galerie Mariska Dirkx, Roermond, Netherlands

2004  Galerie die Trippe, Nürtingen, Germany

2003  Galerie Espai Vidre, Barcelone, Spain
Galerie Nadir, Annecy, France

2001  Galerie complément d’Objet, Martot/Rouen, France
Galerie Rosenhauer, Göttingen- Germany

1999  Musée des Beaux-Arts, Roermond, Netherlands
Galerie Mariska Dirkx, Roermond, Netherlands

1998  Glassworks and Gallery, New Orleans, USA

1997  Galerie complément d’Objet, Martot/Rouen, France

1996  Galerie Lézard, Colmar, France

1992  Hôtel de Ville, Saint - Louis, France

1983  Galerie Bellefontaine, Lausanne, Switzerland

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