FOURNIER Gérard, sculpture, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 1995

“Gérard Fournier's sculpture takes in consideration the natural geometry of the forms he composes with. Glass and rock are sensibly allied, allowing to enjoy contrasts, lightness and power, opacity and transparency to end in a sensation of weightlessness. At the same time sober when the block is neither cut nor polished, and precious when the mass is worked again and polished. Gérard Fournier's hand makes discreet and in every case we note a search for balance, for measure and obligatorily, letting show through an internal light... "


Born in 1948 in Rodez

Paints since the end of the 60s.
Practises the line-engraving from 1976 till 1986.

Under the influence of the engraving and the environment on which he lives, works the schist starts creating sculpture.

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Solo exhibitions

Galerie Foch, Rodez (Aquarelles), France

Galerie 22, Coustellet, France

Galerie Artes, Troyes, France

Centre culturel, Rieupeyroux, France

Manoir Saint Felix, Rodez, France

Galerie 22 Jamoz, Coustellet, France

Cultural center, Conques, France

Galerie Sordini, Marseille, France

Cultural Center, Conques, France

Ares, France

Galerie d'Autane, Forcalquier, France
2010   Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France

Galerie 22, Coustellet, France

Galerie Art-Pluriel, Lyon, France

Galerie Sordini, Marseille, France

“ Eden gardens ”, Cordes, France

Musée de Hyères, France

Musée du verre, Retrospective, Carmaux, France

Galerie Fusion, Toulouse, France

Galerie M. Cazin, Siniane la Rotonde, France

Galerie L’ivre d’art, Rodez, France

Galerie Sordini, Marseille, France

Terra-mémoria, Bozouls, France

Galerie Art-Pluriel, Lyon, France

Galerie Castang, Perpignan, France

Galerie Art-Pluriel, Lyon, France

Galerie Sennacheribo (paintings), Barcelona, Spain

Galerie Empreintes, Aydat, France

Galerie H.D. Nick, Aubais, France

Galerie Fusion, Toulouse, France

Hôtel du département, Mende, France

Hôtel de ville, Rodez, France

Galerie J. Betton, Lyon, France

Musée archéologique, Istres, France

Galerie l’Acadie, Cajarc, France

European center, Conques, France

Contemporary Art Center, Schalkwijk, Netherlands

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Public collections


Musée de Conches

Musée du verre, Carmaux

Fondation Datris, L’Isle sur la Sorgue

United States of America

Scottsdale Museum, Arizona

Mobile Museum, Alabama

Musée de Bamberg, Germany

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