ZBYNOVSKY Vladimir, verre, sculpture de verre

“Vladimir Zbynowsky can be seen as a transmitter, the one who opens the way to mystical unknown countries. We feel like a child in an Andersen fairy tale when it discovers the four

continents from above while perched on the winged wind deities : excited and impressed...

An artist communicates his vision to those who are open to it.

Technically speaking, the combination of stone and glass is a demanding and often challenging process because glass cannot be fully controlled and often has surprises in store for those who work with it.”

Bettina Tschumi, curator at Musée de design et d‘arts appliqués contemporains in Lausanne, Switzerland


After secondary studies in the Decorative Arts of Bratislava and focused on the art of stone, Vladimir Zbynovsky, in the Superior School of Fine Arts of Bratislava continue his training as a sculptor. His favorite material becomes glass. After obtaining his degree of sculptor in 1991, he moved to France and participate regularly of a lot of exhibitions with some of most representative European & Internationals gallery, he also participate of some trade fair.

Turned towards the working of glass in all its aspects, mixing hot and cold techniques - casting, fusing, carving, polishing- the artist attempts to draw near to the mysteries of the Universe through his creations. The theme of his degree, entitled “the birth of Light” lies at the root of a perpetual search centered on transparency, the inner nature of the object and its luminous virtuallity. “Birth of Light, aura of stone, spirit of stone…”The cycles of creation follow one another, evoking this attempt to marry stone and glass, heaviness and transparency, diurnal and nocturnal reflection of Psyche.

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Personal exhibitions

Galerie Continuum, Königswinter : "Berge, Wälder und magische Orte",   ("Mountains, forests and magical places") with Bernhard Quade and Christian Klant   Galerie Matisse Etienne, Oisterwijk, Netherlands
2013   Musée du Verre, Conche en Ouche, France
2012   Galerie Artes, Troyes, France
2011   Galerie Matisse Etienne, Oisterwijk, Netherlands
2010   Galerie Pokorna, Prague, Czech Republic
2005   Etienne & van den Doel gallery, Oisterwijk, Pays-Bas
2000   Galerie Rob van den Doel, La Haye, Netherlands
1998   Galerie Rob van den Doel, La Haye, Netherlands
1997   "Stones aura", The Studio Glass Gallery, London, Great Britain

1996   Galerie l’Eclat du verre, Paris, France   Galerie Place des Arts, Montpellier, France

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Collective exhibitions

«   Montagnes, Forêts et lieux magiques   », Galerie Continuum, Königswinter, Germany
2014   PAN Amsterdam, Netherlands   Galerie Continuum, Königswinter, Germany
2013   Seuils, exposition rétrospective, Musée du verre de Conches, France
2012   Bleu, Musée du verre de Conches, France
2011   Palazzo Zane-Bru, Venise, (during the Venice Biennale), Italy   Musée Würth, Erstein, France
2010   Mémoires de verre : De l'archéologie à l'art contemporain, Musée départemental des   Antiquités, Rouen, France   Sculpteurs, cristal optique, Galerie Place des Arts, Montpellier, France2009   Sculpteurs de verre tchèques et slovaques en exil, Galerie nationale de Zagreb,   Croatia   Glass Connection, Contemporary European Glass Sculpture, Manes Gallery, Prague,   Czech Republic   S'Bosch, Den Bosch Art Fair, Gallery Matisse Etienne 4, s'Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
2008   Collect, Victoria & Albert Museum, Plateaux gallery, London, Great Britain   Oisterwijk Sculptuur, Gallery Etienne & Van Den Doel, Oisterwijk, Netherlands   Glass Art Fund, Vendenheim
2007   Kanazawa, Japan   PAN Amsterdam, Etienne & Van Den Doel Gallery, Netherlands
2006   "Art London", Plateaux Gallery, Londres, Great Britain   "Holland Art Fair" Gallery Etienne & Van Den Doel, Netherlands   International exhibition, "Glass Coburg", Coburg, Germany   "La traversée francophone de Paris", Ambassade de la République slovaque en   France, Paris, France   "Art Chelsea" & "Art Fortnight", Plateaux Gallery, London, Great Britain
2005   St'Art 2005, Galerie Petalouda, Naxos, Greece   St'Art 2005, De l'ombre à la lumière, ESGAA, Strasbourg, France   Galerie internationale du verre à la maison Ravier, Morestel, France   About Memory, Rafaël Goldchain & Vladimir Zbynovsky, Galleria Rossella Junck, Berlin,   Germany
2004   St'Art, Salon d'art de Strasbourg, ESGAA, Strasbourg, France   sculptures monumentales, château de Vauville, France   Verre tchèque, Institut tchèque de Paris, et Ambassade de la République Tchèque en   France, Paris   Eternal Light, Spertus Museum, Chicago, USA
2003   Modern Masters International Trade Fair, Chambre des métiers d'art, Munich   Jahresausstellung 2003, Galerie Herrman, Drachselsried, Germany
2002   "Kunstrai", Galerie Etienne & Van Den Doel, La Haye, Netherlands   Symposium de sculptures, Abbaye de Cerisy-la-Forêt, France   "Venezia Vetro 2002", Galerie Rossella Junck, Venise, Italy   "Consument Art 2002", Galerie in Zabo, Nuremberg, Germany   "Art du verre contemporain", Centre culturel La Fontaine, Brie-Comte-Robert, France   "The Judith Altman Memorial Judaica Competition", Elkins Park, USA
2001   "Dialogo con la luce", National Slovak Gallery and the Slovak Institute of Rome :   exhibition in Florence and Roma, Italy   "Avec la lumière", National Slovak Gallery and the Slovak Institute of Berlin,   Germany

International sculpture fair, Galerie internationale du verre (Biot), Delle, France   "Transparence : Glass in the french and slovak contemporary art, Château de La   Roche-Guyon, France   SOFA Chicago, Galerie Rob van den Doel, La Haye, Netherlands   Peintres & sculpteurs slovaques, Art11/Banque Dexia, Paris, France
1999   Den Haag Art Fair, Galerie Rob van den Doel, La Haye, Netherlands   Milville summer, Miller Gallery, New York, USA
1998   Vladimir Zbynovsky, Galerie Rob van den Doel, La Haye, Netherlands   Glass sculptures de verre, Galerie Klute, Wiener Neustadt, Austria   Mitteleuropa festival : Slovak glass, Slovaquie embassy in London, Great Britain   Le génie des verriers en Europe, Banque centrale du Luxembourg, Luxembourg   Galerie Herrmann, Drachselsried, Germany
1997   Musicora, la Villette, Paris, France   "Version française : Quatre artistes slovaques", Galerie du Pont Neuf, Paris, France
1996   Art tendance Sud, Fréjus, France   L'art du verre, Galerie J.C. Chapelote, Luxembourg   COntemporary Art Triennale of Nuremberg, Germany   Présence slovaque, Galerie Art & Création, Lyon, France   The young slovak glass artists, Galerie Jan Koniarek, Trnava, Slovakia
1995   Salon d'art contemporain de Strasbourg, Galerie Place des Arts, France   SAD Beyrouth, Institut français de Beyrouth, Lebanon   Glass now Yamaha 17th, Japan   Transparences Galerie Nadir (Annecy), Évian, France
1994   "Verre slovaque contemporain", Riihimäki, Finland
1993   "Culture et mécénat", Centre culturel des Fontaines, Chantilly, France   "La magie du verre", Galerie Suzel Berna, Ville-d'Avray, France   "Novator 1993", Troyes, France
1991   "Les rencontres de Bratislava", French Institute of Bratislavia, Slovakia

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