BIARNÉS Emili, céramist

I live ceramics with fascination and obsession. I am fascinated by the language of the earth, the ability of fire to define form and time.
I am obsessed by being one more element of this magma, leaving a temporary mark, intervening ...
Being where the eye is located as an objective, the mind as a subjective screen.

Emili Biarnés


Born in Barcelona in 1956

1972 - 1976 - He studied Industrial Design at the "La Llotja" School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona.
1982 - 1983 - Attends the Monographic Ceramics Course in La Bisbal d'Empordà, Girona.
1987 - Creates his own workshop in St. Pere de Torelló
1990 - Participates in Alan Caiger Schmith's chandelier seminar in Barcelona.
1991 - Moves his workshop to Cervià de Ter.
1996 - Participates in the monographic course "Large-format works" by Marti Royo in Llers, Girona.

During all this time he has developed his own work of creation, investigation and research on ceramic shapes and glazes.

Member of the Osona Ceramists Association (1987-1992).
Member of the Ceramists Association of Catalonia (1992-1997)
Founding Member of the Girona Ceramists Association (2006)

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Emili Biarnés' work

The poetic and ceramic language of Biarnés is composed of an impressive metallic chromatic range. This is combined with a deeply textured red clay where sometimes inlays of metal pieces are mixed.

He elaborates objects by applying the techniques of "Metallic Chandeliers" in limited series or unique pieces with the implicit intention of conditioning individual or collective living spaces.

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