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BOUILLOT Alain, photography, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 2002

“An artist starts a painting, a text, a musical score. But I don't start a photograph.

A photographer is faced with immediacy prior to the printing of his image. In French, we use the word « épreuve photographique » which signifies trial, ordeal, test or even suffering. « Epreuve » : the subtle junction between time and releasing the shutter... aiming to obtain a timeless picture. Photography for me is a conversation with time for it allows gaining fragments of reality. It transforms the world into a stage as well, giving it an independent life in fantasy, swelling its duration.

I actually discover my pictures only on the contact-sheet, images that reveal my imaginary world. Then I am amazed about what is occurring. Brassaï used to say: “the photographer doesn't invent anything, he imagines everything”.

Alain Bouillot


Born in 1946 -Paris-, I've always been deeply interested in the photographic expression. For me, it's a way of re-writing reality.

I'am still attracted by Black and White silver print and keep on using it, I develop my prints by myself.

The «
Rencontres d'Arles   » and its work-shops have been an inducement.

Settle in Tours to exerce a medical profession
1980   Decisive meeting with the photograph Lucien CLERGUE at the «   Rencontres   d'Arles   »

From 1981
During the Rencontres d’Arles, participates to numerous studios of renowned photographs such as Arnold Newman, Joyce Tenneyso, Enrica Koebl, Arnaud Claas, Jean-François Bauret, Leigh Weiner, Jean-François Jonvelle

Trainee on the portrait thema at the Superior National School Louis Lumière (Paris)

1978-2010take part in a local group gathering author-photographers in Touraine

(A.G.I.T.   :   «   Association des gens d'images de Touraine   »).

1990-2014Invited to some photographic events or orders.

Photofolies in Touraine, l'oeil à l'image (Amboise), Photographic meetings of Cheb (Czech republic), Patrimony events ...

take part in Capazza gallery exhibitions.

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