LUQUET Eve, painting, engraving, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 2005

« Transmutation is this mysterious process whereby anything that has been lived, received, ingrained, even unconsciously, is then altered within oneself, and then distilled as if in an alembic : such that an essence evaporates, and another materializes. Something stripped of the anecdotal comes into being.

This process needs a burning fire: the fire of desire, which smolders, spreads, explodes, boils over or irrupts ».

Eve Luquet,


Born in Paris, in 1954.
Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, in Paris (studio Jean-Marie Granier).

Practise the drawing, the engraving (sandbank point on copper mainly) and the painting, oil and emulsion on canvas. The recurring themes of her work are: the light, the vegetable world as the fabric living, trees or herbs, the water, elements, and also the human body. It is not about representation, about "landscape" or about "nudes" but rather about internal images, which at the same time carry a symbolic aspect and arouse the dream to the one who looks. The purpose is not to represent the world, but to make visible the breath which drives her, the energy.
In 2009-2010, the " paths of light ": vertical trajectory of light which crosses and illuminates the opacity.

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Personal exhibitions

Laurence Mauguin Editions, engravings, Paris, France

Lycée Alphonse Daudet, engravings, paintings, Sudestampe, Nîmes, France   Galerie Nabokov, paintings, engravings, Paris, France   

Centre d’Art JM Granier, engravings, Lasalle, France   

Editions L. Mauguin, engravings, Paris, France

Association Artstarté, paintings, Paris, France

Galerie Capazza, Nançay : paintings, France

Galerie 89, Viaduc des Arts, drawings, engravings, Paris, France

Galerie bleue, collège Val d'Adour, drawings, engravings, Riscle, France

Galerie Arstarté, Paris : drawings, engravings, artist’s books, France

Médiathèque of Ganges, engravings, artists’s books, Hérault, France

Galerie Traverses, drawings, Mers-les-bains, France

Chapelle de Fitou, drawings et engravings, Corbières, France

Centre d'Art " le Village " drawings, Cardet, France

Galerie du bout du monde, drawings, Saint Hippolyte du Fort, France

2002 2003 2004 exposition chez Pierre Parat, drawings, Paris, France

Galerie l'Oeil nu, drawings, Alès, France

Radevormwald, drawings et engravings, Germany

Galerie André Biren, engravings, Paris, France

Chapelle romane de Balazuc, paintings et engravings, Ardèche, France

Maison Mansart, paintings et drawings, Pari, France s

Galerie Anima, engravings, Lézat, France

Galerie J. Debaights, engravings, Paris, France

Galerie Jeanine, engravings, Lyon (France) & Lausanne (Switzerland)

Maison Mansart, Paintings, Paris, France

Maison Mansart, pastels et engravings, Paris, France

Galerie Muscade, engravings, Paris, France

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