JANI, painting, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 1993

“As usual, Jani’s tools aim at transcending the material; a thin paste of colors and tones, kneaded ad nauseam, until the ingredients become fluids, until they only let ooze the juice of their substance. That is to say, in Jani’s work, so as Chagall’s, chemistry becomes effective alchemy.
Colors are unified in a path of equal lights, harmoniously distributed on the surface of the canvas. The painting becomes the mirror of a timeless contemplation.
The strong architectural geometric body of the shapes shaded off to merge with the proliferating richness of the colors which slowly lost their practical function - without loosing anything of their symbolism- to fully assume the role of cultural seed, of shapes tune.
Each painting of Jani would be an invitation to meditate on several ways of thinking from very ancient civilizations - which are, or are becoming again, operating in our occidental cultures directions, weakened by tragedies and wars as other civilisations, cruelty between men and men, nature and animals.
Besides we go towards a better knowledge of the celestial mechanisms, besides we understand better the universe and the more distant galaxies, I think we lost the sacred sense of cosmos and the hidden meaning of some connections.
The initiatory quest that Jani offers will help us to find again this sacred sense. Her persistent cult path in her pictorial formation is fulfilling, together with Science, the works that intent to question what we believe to be the set fate of destiny, the irreparable”.
André Verdet

Since 1967, many exhibitions in France and abroad.


Le Lion à la crinière d’etoiles, Z’Editions

Tampura, Z’Editions

Terre de Feu, Z’Editions

Petit traité de Lithomancie, Editions Tipaza

Art Vencia, Recueil de lithographies préfacé par Michel Butor

Fête de Nuit au Jardin, Editions de l’Ormaie

Le Silence là-haut, Editions Tipaza

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