LEPERLIER Antoine, glass sculpture, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 1981

“There is a “consanguinity” of glass and ceramic materials. “Pâte de verre ” before meaning a technical process for forming glass, referred to a material stemmed from their hybridization. I work at present on their association, considering the symbolic dimensions of their physical-chemical qualities. Glass is an amorphous structure subjected to the flow and reversibility, whereas ceramic materials are related to the fixed and irreversibility. Glass, as "fluid", refers to passing time, duration that cannot be handled out, while the ceramic materials, as "fixed", refers to the crystallized time of memory.

The matter, for me, is in listening, not to the clay nor the glass as matter but as materials; because it is in the process itself by which they are shaped, that they reveal the meanings borne of which they are.

For me, they hold an idea of the time that I try to update”.

Antoine Leperlier, Extract of Meeting at the transformation point, Editions Galerie Capazza, 2013

“No substance can rival the power of glass to grant simultaneous access to the interior and exterior dimensions. It is by passing through this transparent obstacle that we move from the world of reality to the world of the imagination. Thanks to the image of this divide, we slip from physical space to the mental dimension.

Glass is to time what bronze and marble are to space. It lends substance to mental space, gives shape to duration.

Behind the glass, the world is given perspective, made visible like a memory, like an image at once both near and far. What we see behind the pane plunges us into dreams evoking memory or melancholy.

It is less the opera mundi witnessed by alchemists in their glass retorts that the tangible manifestation of their creative imagination.

If, in the three - dimensional world, shadows exist in two dimensions, we can suppose that in the four - dimensional world of memory, shadows exist in three dimensions. And just as we are attached to our shadows in space, so are we attached to our memories in time.

I seek to mould in glass these images projected by our duration in memory: images of time that ‘takes shape’ by leaving its trace, by ‘casting’ - in both senses of the word - its shadow.

These shadow-memories - the shape of absence and the void, prints made visible through the transparency of the glass - are like so many relics reminding us that, here, something proximate has been lost.

Memory is like a reliquary in transparent crystal in the heart of which duration carves its images”.

Antoine Leperlier


Born in Evreux, France.

Became initiated into "pâte de verre" with his grandfather François   Décorchemont.

Studied philosophy and visual arts (Paris-I, Sorbonne), école du Louvre.   He mastered and got a postgraduate diploma in Visual Arts and Art sciences.

Studies his grandfather's notes and starts his early technical research.

Fondation de France prizewinner

Firsts national and internationals exhibitions

Canberra School of Art. Australia

Traineeship at the summer university of the Musée-Atelier of Sars Poteries, France

Nominated Maître d’Art (Living National Treasure)

Pilchuck Glass School.Seattle. USA
Sofa Chicago.USA. conference

Global Art Glass. Conference. Borgholm, Sweden

Workshop, Centre des Métiers du verre. Montréal, Canada

Lilianne Bettencourt Prize. Heritage Foundation
Conference at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, United Kingdom

Conference : Glass Art Society - Félix Meritis building - University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference : Fernand Léger Museum, Biot. France
Conference : colloque «   Plastic arts, design, fashion, convergences and divergences   », Limoges, France

Conference : Midland Art Center, Midland, USA
Tutorial / invited artiste: Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom
Conference : University of Sunderland, United Kingdom

Bombay Sapphire Prize, United Kingdom
Juror Award : Award of Excellence Granbrook Academy of Art.USA

International Glass Symposium 2006,Novy Bor, Czech Republic.

Conference /Symposium at Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan
Work shop Conference Wolverhampton university, Wolwerhampton and Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Conference, Applied arts school, Vevey, Switzerland

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Public collections

Collection du Conseil Régional de Haute-Normandie, Rouen, France
Musée de l'Archevêché, Evreux, France
Musée de Conches en Ouche, France
Musée des Beaux Arts - Mulhouse, France
Musée des arts décoratifs - Paris, France

Fond national d'art contemporain - Paris, France

Musée de Meisenthal - France

Musée Unterlinden - Colmar, France

Musée de la Céramique - Sèvres, France

Musée de la Parfumerie - Grasse, France

Musée du Verre - Sars Poteries, France

Bibliothèque Patrimoniale - Nice, France

Leperlier glass art fund, Vendenheim, France

Galerie internationale du verre, Biot, France

Victoria & Albert Museum - London, United Kingdom

Musée Ariana - Geneva, Switzerland

Musée de design et d'arts appliqués contemporains - Lausanne, Switzerland

Alexander Tutsek Stiftung, Munchen, Germany

Ernsting Stiftung, Coesfeld, Munchen, Germany
Collection Cristalex at the Lemberck Castle, Novy Bor, Czech Republic

Corning Museum of Glass - Corning, USA

Museum for contemporary art glass - Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Morris Museum, Morriston (NJ), USA

High Museum. Atlanta. USA

Museum of Art & Design, New York, USA

Kurokabe Museum, Japan

Hokkaido Museum of Glass - Japan

Liuli China Museum, Shanghai, China

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