DELSOL Edmée, sculpture, ceramic and glass, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 1997

« Starting from chaos, gradually building with what you have,

Emerging, sometimes, and perhaps harmonizing with the world…

So much time spent facing reality!

Often, we believe the essential is missing - and yet,

a surfeit of possibilities is an invasion.

Gazing, shunning illusions and shortcuts, purifying, simplifying,

rejecting yesterday’s work and habits, trying new things,

bringing the outer world inside, and composing with the inner world,

listening to our feelings without elevating them,

maintaining an underlying rigor, and allowing to happen.

Thus, to remain in the atmosphere, feeding on other civilizations,

on their ways of being and doing, their spirituality, maintaining a closeness.

As the hours pass, strength wells up within us…

freeing the gesture to flow, as thought guides the wave.

Work seems to melt away impossibilities.

Clay and glass, two substances, are combined;

a bridge is formed from one to the other

toward a transformation imprinted with substitution,

clay becomes glass, mooring becomes flight…

Colors are transmuted by chemistry and combustion.

The mystery of fire: he gets the last word!

The dark, the light, the cloudy, the clear, the aura, the relief, the opaque,

the translucent and transparent, the void… all belong to alchemy;

Spirit and substance infuse the piece.

What makes one more perfectly fulfilled than another?

Different germinations…

Will it encounter the other, or not?

A mystery always remains,

the mystery of a birth ».

Edmée Delsol

Extract of the book Rendez-vous au lieu de la transformation, Editions Galerie Capazza, 2013


Born in 1939 in Paris.

Studies at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts of Paris : painting and sculpture.

1991 : Study trip in Black Africa

Since 1990, associates pâte de verre with raku.

Lives and works in Meudon, France.

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Personal exhibitions

2019 Exhibition on ceramics and glass, private gallery in Dietwiller

2014  Complément d’Objet, Martot, France

2013  Galerie Silbereis, Paris, France

2012  Musée d’art et d’histoire, Meudon, France

2011  Galerie G. Godard, Lille, France

2009  Galerie Hélène Porée, Paris, France

2007  Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France
Galerie Complément d’Objet, Rouen, France

2006  Abbaye d’Arthous, Conseil Général des Landes, France
Galerie G. Godard, Lille, France

2005  Galerie Pierre, Paris, France

2004  Galerie F. Duduit, Honfleur, France

2003  Galerie Fusion, Toulouse, France
Galerie H.D Nick, Aubais, France

2002  Galerie Marianne Brand, Carrouge, Geneva, Switzerland
Galerie Ortilles, Paris, France

2001  Galerie Nadir, Annecy, France
Galerie Complément d’Objet, Rouen, France
Galerie G. Godard, Lille, France

2000  Galerie H.D. Nick, Aubais, France

1999  Galerie Ortilles, Paris, France
Galerie Braggiotti, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1998  Galerie G. Godard, Lille, France
Galerie Complément d’Objet, Rouen, France

1997  Galerie Braggiotti, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1996  Galerie Complément d’Objet, Rouen
Galerie H.D. Nick, Aubais, France

1995  Galerie Sarver, Paris, France
Public collections and museums
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France
Musée du Verre, Sars Poteries, France
Musée d’Elbeuf, France
Musée de Conches, France
Ernsting Stiftung Alter hof Herding, Coesfeld-Lett, Germany
Cité de la Céramique, Sèvres, France
FRAC de Basse Normandie, France

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