FABRE Christine, terracotta and bronze sculpture, Permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since1990

“The Path of metamorphosis

Now I am rediscovering the skin of the clay. No longer wishing to cover its surface with glaze, I have stripped it bare. Naked, it sends me back to a rupturing, fissuring world. Accompanied by only, perhaps, a few obstinate guardians. The presence of the animal, vegetal and human elements protect us like a shield of which we must be aware to avoid chaos.

I work on the clay: "I am its plasticity, its fragility". Bronze forces me into a physical confrontation: the strength of the metal. From the beginning I have sensed an almost indestructible force. Does it perhaps come from myself?. The barely perceived path that I must still seek leads me towards new metamorphose to glass. By melting, the transformation from the organic to the mineral, the liquid to the solid, the opaque to the transparent haunt me to the point of presentiment. The dialogue between these materials, their resonance, is not a confrontation but a search for harmony: as if seemingly different worlds were suddently to realise that they all came from the same magma and that they are here to play from the same score, the opera of the world”.
Christine Fabre

“Yes, Christine Fabre's works restore of the sense, some contents and the legitimacy of the use of the word Beauty. They contribute to the necessary restoration of the eternal and universal aesthetic values, by their exemplary re-registration of the art in the sensualism, in the immediate obvious fact, and, there, in the tangible and deep reality of the human being.

By their timeless purity and nobility, they arouse in the looks that they inhale, the same fascination and the same respect, who were experienced everywhere and of any times, for liturgical objects. They are moments of communion between men for the sharing of the same delight”.
Pierre Souchaud
Extract of the catalogue Christine Fabre, Editions Galerie Capazza, 2013


Born in 1951 in Marseille.
Fine Arts Academy in Marseille-Lumigny.

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Public collections

Ville de Villeurbanne, France
Conseil Général, Essonne, France
Grassi Museum, Leipzig, Germany
Musée de Sèvres - Cité de la Céramique, Sèvres, France
Conseil Général, Essonne, France
Musée du Grès, Saint Amand en Puisaye, France

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Personal exhibitions

2020 Musée d’histoire : Rames de St Sulpice, Marseille

2019  Passion Chinoise, Galerie Licence IV, Lyon
Formes Imaginaires, Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois, Lyon
Galerie S. Emiliani, Dieulefit

2018  Atelier-Galerie J.J. Hofstetter, Fribourg, Suisse
Grève Blanche, Galerie Licence IV, Lyon

2017  Galerie Marianne Brand, Genève Carouge, Suisse
Exposition à la Caverne Pont d'Arc, Ardèche

2016  Liuli Gong Fang Museum, Taîpei, Taîwan
Galerie Art Fusion, Troyes
Galerie du Don, Le Don du Fel
Liuligonfang Taïpei, Taïwan

2015  Galerie Terra Viva, St Quentin la Poterie, France
Liuli China Museum, Shanghaï, China

2014  Galerie M.Emiliani, Dieulefit, France

2013  Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France
Galerie Marianne Brand Carouge, Switzerland

2012  Galerie Loes et Reinier, Deventer, Netherlands

2011  Galerie Sinitude, Paris, France
Galerie du Don, Le Don du Fel, France
Galerie M.Emiliani, Dieulefit, France

2010  Galerie Marianne Brand, Carouge, Genève, Switzerland
Galerie Francoise Souchaud Lyon, France

2009  Galerie Loes & Reiner, Deventer, Netherlands

2008  Galerie S. Emiliani, Dieulefit, France

2007  Galerie Terra Viva, St Quentin La Poterie, France
Galerie Marianne Brand, Parcours céramique, Carougeois, Switzerland

2006  Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France

2005  Galerie Loes & Reiner, Deventer, Netherlands

2004  Galerie Michèle Emiliani, La Bégude de Mazenc, France

2003  Galerie François Dudouit, Honfleur, France

2002  Galerie Terra Viva, St Quentin La Poterie, France

2001  Galerie L’Ile en Terre, Saint Paul de Vence, France

2000  Galerie Le Vieux Bourg, Lonay, Switzerland

1999  Galerie Loes & Reine, Deventer, Netherlands

1998  Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France

1997  Galerie L’Ile en Terre, Saint Paul de Vence, France

1996  Galerie Terra Viva, Saint Quentin La Poterie, France

1995  Galerie Loes & Reiner. Deventer, Netherlands

1994  Musée de Louvain, La Neuve, Belgium
Galerie Argiles, Bruxelles, Belgium

1993  Galerie Epona, Paris, France

1991  Galerie Epona, Paris, France
Terriades (21 planètes imaginées, Villefontaine, France

1990  Galerie Capazza. Nançay, France

1989  Tempera Art Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium

1988  Galerie Christel, Limoges, France
Galerie Epona, Paris, France

1986  Galerie Z, Aigues-Mortes, France
Galerie Actis, Paris, France

1985  Galerie Jacques, Pouchain Dieulefit, France
Galerie Suzel Berna. Antibes, France

1984  Galerie d’Amon, Paris, France

1983  Galerie Arcadie, Lyon, France

1980 à 83  Salles Voûtées Cassis, France

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Collective exhibitions - Art Fairs

2021  Enfances, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2020  Le torse d’une femme à la pureté d’un vase, grands courbes simples d’un fruit désiré, Parcours d’art contemporain autour d’Auguste Rodin, 1 exhibition, 5 locations, Galerie Capazza, Nançay
Galerie Terra Viva, St Quentin la Poterie

2019  L’arbre c’est le temps rendu visible, Galerie Capazza, Nançay
Art Elysées 219 – October 17th to 21st, Galerie Capazza booth 106A, Paris
Bleu comme la Terre - collective ceramics exhibition, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2018  Miroir des sentiments, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2017  Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2016  Vénus et Vulcain, Galerie Capazza, Nançay

2015  Ensemble depuis 40ans, Galerie Capazza
Antica Namur – November 2015, Galerie Capazza, Belgique

2014  Antica Namur – November 2014, Galerie Capazza, Belgique

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Interventions (France)

1986  Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Strasbourg

1986  O.C.C.E, St Etienne

1986  Ecole d'Art, Gennevilliers

1986  La Borne, Cher

1988  Le Printemps des Potiers, Bandol

1988/89  Ecole des Beaux Arts, Châlon sur Saône

1988  Maison de la Céramique, Mulhouse
Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Limoges

1991  Terriades, Villefontaine

1993  Renc'Art, St Etienne

2005  Printemps des Potiers, Bandol

2006  Le Printemps invité à, La Borne

2008  Ecole des Beaux Arts, Marseille-Luminy

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1991  Terriades, 21 Planètes imaginées, Villefontaine, France

2001  Navire pour Télémaque, Fontaine St Sulpice, Paris, France

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Public acquisitions

2015  Liuli China Museum, Shanghaï

2013  Musée du Grès, Saint Amand en puisaye

2006  Musée de Sèvres, Sèvres, Paris

2005  Grassi Museum, Lieptzig

2001  Conseil Général, Essonne

1991  Fauteuil pour la salle des mariage, Villefontaine

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