ARICKX Lydie, painting, permanent artist of Galerie Capazza since 2013

" Telluric and colossal, the work of Lydie Arickx is similar to the activity of volcanoes. By drawing her energy from the heart of the vital reflexes, by formulating essential intuitions, this artist embodies with great panache the energy which creates planets, let the trees grow, let the men die ".
Françoise Monnin, October 2011

Lydie Arickx, a name registered in the heritage of painting.

“Her fame in France and out the hexagon testifies of it. Creative power, emotional drives, peculiarity.

A metaphysical work, feverish, magnificent, installed in the galaxy of bodies to explore depths of the human psyche; an obsessional quest canvasses the human anatomy, pushing the brush-scalpel, in search of the invisible which steals the flesh.

Her magnificent, stormy, exaggerated work, embedded in the genius, leads her to be part of the Greatests.

At first sight, the work can surprise, embarrass, worry, oppress (any approach of the authentic art always raises question), question; but the lucid look allows to penetrate into this saga of bodies, into this luxurious apocalypse diving in the most secret, into this bubbling painting which sculptures some greatness in a carnal orgy.

Stubborn, relentless work where grinds the death, obsession of the alive, where sits the talent master of brushes and who, after all, dedicates the triumph of the flesh which immortal shape can be deciphered in Lascaux”.
Pierre Osenat


Painter and sculptor, Lydie Arickx was born in 1954 in Villecresnes from Flemish parents.

After studies (1974-1978 ) to the College of graphic arts of Paris ( ESAG), presented by Roland Topor, she obtains her first personal exhibition in 1979 in the gallery Jean Briance (pastels and oil).

From the beginning of the 1980s, she participates in international events as Art Basel, FIAC or Art Paris.

In 1988, she presents her work in Belgium, in Switzerland, in Germany, in the Netherlands then in Spain and in the United States (first exhibition presented by Amaury Taittinger in New York beside Francis Bacon).

In 1991, she settles down in the region of the Landes where she works on large formats and approaches the monumental sculpture.

From 1993, she realizes several frescoes for various sites in France.

In 1998, she creates with Alex Bianchi a festival of contemporary art "the Meetings of the Dial" which will welcome during five consecutive years more than 80 international and emergent artists.

In 1999, for the 800th anniversary of Saint Emilion's Jurade, Lydie Arickx presents a double personal exhibition in the convent and in the Monolithic Church.

The artist organizes regularly cultural events on big national stages (Art Senate 2001) staging the contemporary art and the live performance (training courses of creativity for schools, companies, hospitals, cultural events, exhibitions, etc…).

Works of Lydie Arickx appear in the big international public collections (National Museum of modern Art of Paris, Centre Pompidou, Palace of Tokyo, FNAC) and within the public place (Paul-Brousse hospital to Villejuif, Intermunicipal Hospital center of Créteil, IUFM (FRENCH SCHOOLS OF EDUCATION) of Mont-de-Marsan, PIMPS SAINT-VINCENT-DE-TYROSSE, fresco for the remembrance from the centenary of the arenas of Dax in 2013).

Finally, her studio is considered as a place of full experiment which she likes sharing with every public.

In 2014, will be published by the editions Diabase her first manuscript, “We live”.

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Public collections

National museum of Modern Art, Paris

Museum of Dole, France   
Museum of Dunkerque, France   
National Funds of Contemporary Art, The Defense, France   
Museum of Carcassonne, France   
Museum of Tokyo, Japan   
Centre Pompidou: exhibition organized by Christian Boltanski of collections of the Cabinet of graphic arts, acquisitions 1977-98
Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Paris, France

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Personal exhibitions

Galerie Egregore, Marmande, France

Lydie Arickx à Roubaix
: La Piscine - La Manufacture - La Condition Publique -

Le Non lieu, France
Two monumental steel sculptures, Château de Cadillac, France

Galerie Capazza, Nançay, France   

20 ème festival d’art : invitée d’honneur, Carla Bayle, France   

Galerie Egregore, Marmande, France

Artothèque, Gondrin, France

Crypte Sainte Eugénie   : Corpusculaire, Biarritz, France

Le Clos des Cimaises   : Songes drolatiques, Saint-Georges du Bois, France

Chapelle St Anne   : Les Apparaîtres, avec Alain Gillis, Tours, France

Réfectoire des Cordeliers / Galerie Saint-Germain et Musée de l’histoire de la médecine de l’Université Paris Descartes   : Avant les mots - les langes de la vie, Paris

Galerie Polad-Hardouin
: Avant les mots, Paris, France

Chapelle Sainte Anne, Arles, France

Château d’eau-Château d’art
: Le mythe de la Caverne, Bourges, France

Espace Van Gogh   : Toréer la matière, Arles, France

Le Carmel
: L’abandon de la conscience, Tarbes, France

Théâtre National de Bordeaux en Aquitaine
: Un petit Chaperon rouge, Bordeaux,   France

Toréart and artistic performance in the arenas, Mont-de- Marsan, France

Chemins d’art en Armagnac, Sainte Quitterie, Fourcès, France

La Galerie des arènes, Vic Fezansac, France

Galerie du Saint James, Bouliac, France

Galerie Le Clos des Cimaises, Saint Georges du Bois, France

Prieuré de Vinetz, Châlons-en-Champagne, France

Musée de Guéthary : Quand l’amor monte, Guéthary, France

Galerie Ardital : El Homicidio, Aix-en-Provence, France

Galerie D.X : À corps perdu, Bordeaux, France

Galerie Lillebonne - Centre culturel André Malraux - Espace ICAR, Nancy, France

Villa Béatrix Ènea - Patio, Anglet, France

Galerie d’art du Lycée Duplessis-Mornay, Saumur, France

Galerie Polad-Hardouin : Tellement j’ai faim..., Paris, France

XIIème Journée du patrimoine de la Thibaudière, Tercé, France

Galerie Grand’Rue , Poitiers, France

Centre d’Art Contemporain, Mont de Marsan, France

Musée d’art Contemporain : La Nativité, Chauvigny Les Bains Douches, France

Collégiale Saint Pierre : Paysages et Spiritualité, Chauvigny, France

Double exhibition
: Il n’y a de repos pour personne, Paris, France

Galerie Meyer le Bihan, Galerie Idées d’artistes, France

3rd contemporary art biennal of Bourges : Galerie Entre Temps, Bourges,


Galerie Idées d’artistes : État de Grâce, Paris, France

Art Paris : Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France

Galerie Grand’Rue, Poitiers, France

Chapelle Sainte Anne, Tours, France

Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine : Les femmes et l’art, Bordeaux, France

Chapelle Saint Jacques : Mémoires du corps, Vendôme, France

Carré/Musée Bonnat : Job, un genou en terre, Bayonne, France

Basilique Saint Jean : Les descentes de croix, Troyes, France

Plaza Conde de Rodezno, Peintures et sculptures : Pamplona, Spain

Le Temple : Taurôs, Caussade, France

MAC-Modern Art Center-Fondation Rustin : Arickx-Nitkowski-Rustin, Anvers, Belgium

Collégiale Saint Pierre-La-Cour, Le Mans, France

Galerie l’Atelier, Le Mans, France

Galerie Idées d’artistes : Un genou en terre, Paris, France

Galerie Art Témoin, Paris, France

St’art 2001, Strasbourg, France

Chapelle des Carmes, Musée de Borda : Tauromachie, Dax, France

Atelier de Guy Lebaigue, Nontron, France

«   Crucifixion   », Eglise de Saint Emilion, France

Centre 2000 : peintures, sculptures, Arcachon, France

Galerie Margaron, Paris, France

Château de Viaud, fresque 25 m x 2,5 m, Lalande de Pomerol, France

Couvent des Cordeliers
: Les racines du chaos, peintures, sculptures, Mairie de Paris

Galerie Méduane, Laval, France

Galerie Pierre Marie Vitoux, Paris, France

Salon d’Erné : Guest of honour, Mayenne, France

Galerie Lillebonne, Nancy, France

Galerie Pierre Marie Vitoux, Paris, France

Galerie Gimaray, Paris, France

Galerie Psyché, Martigues, France

Galerie 27, Toulouse, France

Galerie Varga Darlet, Bordeaux, France

Galerie Christine Colmant, Bruxelles, Belgium

Galerie Zour Alten-Deutschen Schule, Thun, Switzerland

Galerie Felman, Paris, France

Galerie Vulkan, Mayence, Germany

Bâle Art Fair (Switzerland) Galerie Colmant (Bruxelles, Belgium)

Galerie Oniris Barnoud, Dijon, France

Linéart Fair : Gand, Belgium (Galerie Vrijdag, Renaix)

Galerie Pierre Marie Vitoux, Paris, France

Galerie Oniris Barnoud, Dijon, France

Galerie Rencontre, Bruxelles, Belgium

RVS Gallery, Southampton N.Y, USA

Carré des Arts du Parc Floral de Vincennes, Paris, France

Barcelona International Art Fair, Barcelone, Spain

Galerie Pierre Marie Vitoux, Paris, France

Galerie Jenny Vrijdag, Renaix, Belgium

Galerie de Giele Gere, Gant, Belgium

Galerie 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Galerie Frechen, Cologne, Federal Republic of Germany

Galerie 2016, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Galerie Mat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Galerie Oniris Barnoud, Dijon, France

Galerie Jean Briance, Paris, France

Galerie Nicole Buck, Strasbourg, France

Galerie la Malgrange, Thionville, France

Galerie Jaqueline Moussion, Carnac, France

Galerie Nicole Buck, Strasbourg, France

Musée d’Art Contemporain, Dunkerque, France

Galerie Jaqueline Moussion, Nantes, France

FIAC: Galerie Jean Briance, Paris, France

Galerie Jean Briance, Paris, France

Musée de Dunkerque, France

Galerie Garnier, Amiens, France

Galerie Amaury Taittinger, New York, USA

Galerie Amaury Taittinger, New York, USA

Galerie Jean Briance, Paris, France
1982   Galerie Jean Briance Aide à la première exposition, Paris, France

Galerie l’Escapade   : « L’Amour », Geneva, Switzerland

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