Fabrice REBEYROLLE - Levée de lumière
October 10th - December 20th, 2020

opening Saturday, October 10th from 3 to 8pm

Les espérances des cendres 2 (2018) - mixed technique on wooden panel - 120 x 160 cm 

The work of Fabrice Rebeyrolle takes creativity by the throat, seizes a demiurgic art at its source, the seemingly endless gestation of an earth unfinished, seared, metamorphic. The picture area shudders, space permanently hanging fire. The blood-brutal colours have withdrawn, reduced to chromatic rumours in palpitating darkness, where the flames gather only the slumber of ashes and the shadows of time always precede illumination. Sumptuous, sombre and tense are Rebeyrolle's artistic breathing spaces. The infinitesimal is his territory. Opacity expands, cracklings of infinity ripple across the surfaces. Microcosm and macrocosm embrace, forming delicate inside-outside landscapes. Fragments of immensity. Christian Noorbergen, art critic and curator (July 2020)

Levée de lumière 1, 2, 3 (2020) - mixed technique on wooden panel - (3x) 148 x 95 cm

I am asked to say in a few words
what is creating in today's world?

I would say that it is to propose in a way
an act of poetic resistance.
A painting, an engraving, an artist's book,
which may give off a faint glow in the night.

In my mind, I do not separate the paths of thought
and the paths of feeling. We must try to find this balance,
This report is accurate. - Fabrice Rebeyrolle, workshop notes (2018)

La métamorphose des terres 12 (2018) 
mixed technique on wooden panel - 158 x 118 cm

Vestige(s) 28 (2018) 
mixed technique on Moulin du Gué 270g paper - 88 x 62 cm

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