Terra Incognita - 50 ceramic artists - 1 exhibition - 3 locations

Presenting the artists in a joint exhibition in their usual venues - the Centre Céramique Contemporaine La Borne and the Capazza Gallery in Nançay - as well as at the Jacques Coeur Palace in Bourges is a union that will allow visitors to plunge into an unknown land ('Terra Incognita"), to discover, in three parts, a wide representation of the field of contemporary ceramic creation in France.
Like Jacques Coeur setting sail toward the unknown, the ceramicists presented have made their own journeys, often dedicated to a quest for absolute.
 - Laura Capazza-Durand, Presidente of the Capazza Gallery

Jean-François Fouilhoux
© Isabelle Martin
Sandra Zeenni
©Isabelle Martin

Behind every ceramicist lurks an alchemist transforming a raw and malleable material into an infinite variety of forms, colours and textures. It is thus not surprising that major contemporary artists have tried their hand at this art, which finds its origins at the dawn of humanity and has held a place in all creative movements, in every style. We are certain that this dialogue between heritage and contemporary creation will be enriched by this new initiative at the Palais Jacques Coeur. - Philippe Bélaval, President of the Centre des monuments nationaux

Christine Fabre
©Isabelle Martin
©Isabelle Martin

Collaboration between individuals and structures is a proof of success. The 'Terra Incognita' exhibition is organised by the Jacques Coeur Palace in Bourges, the Capazza Gallery in Nançay and the Centre Céramique contemporaine La Borne. Featuring a concurrent survey of the overall theme in each of these three sites, this exhibition is an important and lasting event. - Stéphane Dampierre, President of the Association Céramique La Borne

Françoise Carracso
©Isabelle Martin
Fabienne Claesen
©Isabelle Martin

This triple exhibition rests on the strong ties between heritage sites and art, whose common thread is the earth: the source of life and inspiration since the dawn of time. 
By following the paths of their artistic adventures, extending a finger to tout the infinite variety of possible materials for ceramic creation, each artist offers the possibility of discovering a universe. The works presented are the results of each artist's profound personal explorations. Understanding how technique can be put in the service of an artistic impulse, grasping the complexity of experimentation, daring to confront the detour, the unexpected - these make up the vision of the 'Terra Incognita' exhibition. - Christophe Drunat, President of the Communauté de Communes Terres du Haut Berry

Jean Lerat
©Isabelle Martin
Jean-Pierre Viot
©Isabelle Martin

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Practical information :

Galerie Capazza - Nançay / from July 9 to September 25, opening Sunday, July 10th at 11am

  • 1, rue des Faubourgs - 18330 Nançay - +33 (0)2 48 51 80 22
  • Full 6€ / group (from 10 people) 5€ / minor, college students, job seekers 4€ / -  7 years old free
  • Opening hours of the exhibition:
    - from July 9 to September 25: Saturdays, Sundays and French holidays / 10am-12:30 and 2:30-7pm
    - Thursday, July 14: 10am-12:30 and 2:30-7pm
    - Friday, July 15: 10am-12:30 and 2:30-7pm
    - Monday, August 15: 10am-12:30 and 2:30-7pm

Palais Jacques Coeur - Bourges / from July 8 to September 18, opening Friday, July 8th at 6pm

  • 10bis, rue Jacques Coeur - 18000 Bourges - +33 (0)2 48 24 79 42
  • Full 8€ / - 18 years old free
  • Opening hours of the exhibition:
    - from July 1 to August 31: everyday / 10am-12:45 and 2-6:15pm
    - from September 1 to September 18: everyday / 10am-12:15 and 2-6pm

Centre céramique contemporaine - La Borne / from July 9 to August 30, opening July 9th at 6pm

  • 25, grand' Route - 18250 La Borne - +33 (0)2 48 26 96 21
  • Full 3€ / reduced 2€
  • Opening hours of the exhibition
    - from July 9 to August 30: everyday / 11am-7pm

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