Claude Champy, Bernard Dejonghe, Claudi Casanovas
September 23th - November 19th

opening on Saturday, September 23th from 3 to 8 p.m


"When yesterday's avant-garde becomes tomorrow's..."
"Claudi Casanovas, Claude Champy and Bernard Dejonghe are peers who respect and value each other. They are linked by the foundations that underpin their artistic practice: their relationship to geology, to a form of tellurism, to the study of material and matter, to the place given to fire.
They are researchers, men committed to digging a furrow, inexorably. Not to be a mark but to make their mark. To mark the earth with their gestures, to model, press, scratch, superimpose, scrape, cut, enamel... to be both inside and outside, to inhabit the space offered by the work in the making.
Their works offer us a link between man and nature, they connect us to something beyond ourselves... a vibration, an inner feeling of finally being connected with what's above or what's below, as the case may be.../...
That's why we're so delighted to bring together these three major figures in contemporary art, because in the final analysis, these are artists who have chosen to remain on a human scale. They're both giants and minuscule, and they're aware of it... what better example of life?"
Laura and Denis Capazza-Durand
extract from the exhibition catalog

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