Collective exhibition
bringing together 60 permanent and guest artists
until 23 June 2024


Paul BALME, Tengai
copper and cherrywood - 22 x 138,5 x 42 cm

"Concrete materials and assemblages for a symbolic horizon,
Tengai, an abstraction open to reverie

Nathalie GRALL, Entre deux temps
burin engraving on coloured China - 40 x 60 cm

"The original idea was to draw a horizontal line across the space of the copper. It corresponds to the minimal evocation of the landscape. We then work on this line until it becomes evocative. In this case, it was the image of the banks of the Loire that emerged as a memory of a place where I lived for a long time. Finally, when I print the etching, I look for the colours of the paper to reflect the weather as much as the passage of time."

Fanny FERRÉ, Scruter l'horizon
terracota- 58 x 30 x 30 cm

"By depicting these very small figures perched at the top of a rocky mound overlooking the distance, I like to feel the immensity of the landscape within me... and I'm not trying to represent the horizon. I prefer to suggest it through the scale of the ridiculous individuals facing the void and the nothingness, giving a notion of vertigo and grandiose. I would like the viewer in turn, through his or her own eyes and perception, to allow an imaginary horizon of his or her own to appear."


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