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TINGAUD Claire, textile

Claire Tingaud creates her artworks by assembling different materials and techniques. 

As a multidisciplinary artist, any material can be assembled through the prism of weaving. Her main tools of creation are her three looms that she adapts and uses according to the materials and realizations envisaged. Her work is organized between plastic productions in two formats: 2D and 3D.

The 2D part of her work is presented in the form of textile paintings (series portrait-landscape, diptych solitude, triptych ephemeris) within which she assembles textures and colors thanks to the selected materials (spools of threads, livery, composite materials, etc...). The weaving is lived as a canvas, a base on which she can come to compose, to assemble, following the plastic and graphic work carried out upstream on coated, painted textiles or collages and assemblies cut out again to be then woven in their turn. 

The 3D creations are based on a research of volume and depth possible thanks to the crossing of techniques and collaborations such as for the series "Fragiles insoumises" realized with the technical support of the glass blower Nicolas Hautbois, composed of an assembly of blown glass and fiberglass and copper woven. More recently, in collaboration with the digital designer Frédéric Blin, she created an interactive and immersive installation composed of a 3-meter-high sculpture, made of a metallic skeleton on which she affixed woven surfaces, inhabited by a sound universe rendered by a central transmitter and external transmitters in quadrophony.


Born in 1992, in La Garenne Colombes , in France Claire Tingaud is a visual artist who lives and works in Aubusson (France).

She obtained a Diploma of Crafts in 2014, then finalized her course with a year of research mixing different materials through textile tools and principles. Her practice is now based on the textile education she received for 7 years, and of which weaving is most specifically at the heart.
The mixing of materials through this prism of linkage and intermingling is carried in all the pieces and projects she creates.  Guided by a longstanding itinerant journey, displacement, encounter, contemplation and impregnation are the founding elements of what fuels her sensibility.

In 2014, she left for Indonesia with the Dayak Desa community on the island of Borneo in order to reconnect with the essence of artisanal weaving, then in 2015 to Guatemala within the Cojolya association which supports the activity of women weavers.
In 2016, it was with the Design for Peace program and the Burkina Faso refugee commission that she left for Ouagadougou, for a first experience of a creative residency in collaboration with Tuareg refugee artisans. 

Since then, she has continued her creative projects abroad and, on the road,, but also at home.
Between 2020 and 2022 she realized, in collaboration with several artists of the visual arts but also of the living arts, an interactive and immersive installation, re-transcribing the landscape and emotional experience of a journey in Iceland.
She will soon be in residence at CARMA, Centre d'Art et de Recherche de Mana, in Guyana.

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Recent exhibitions

2023 E-motio, paysage e-motionexit of residence and closing of creation of the immersive and interactive installation E-motio with Frédéric Blin, La Métive, Moutier d'Ahun (France)

2022 Lâcher les rennes, exhibition proposed by the collective of the artists of Creuse (CAC 23), P.A.P, Guéret, France
E-motio, interprétation corporelle, with the sound artist Jean Bonhoure, the artist Laurie Anne Estaque and the dancers Carine Desset and Philipp Enders of the Compagnie La Tierce et Cohue, Scène Nationale d'Aubusson, France
Mas Musici, exhibition during the chamber music concert, Eglise de Vallières, France
SENS Dessus Dessous, artistic events offered collectively by the CAC 23 and the P.A.P, Guéret, France
Tissage Exquis, création collective, PAP, Guéret
E-motio, sortie de résidence, presentation of the interactive and immersive installation with Frédéric Blin, La Baraque à Mélies, La Gare de Felletin, France
Révélations, biennial event for arts and crafts and contemporary creation, Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris, France

2021 MOTIO, recherche et création autour de l'oeuvre e-motioresidence time, La Métive, Moutier d'Ahun, France
Éparse, la forêtcollective in situ installation on the site of the village of Pierre de Masgot, hosted by the association Village sculpté de Masgot, Village de Masgot, Fransèches, France
Point de vues ou Expérience du paysage, exhibition created by the group CAC 23bis, La Chapelle de l'Hôtel du département, Guéret, France
EAU, restitution of the EAC project carried out with the school of Sous-Parsat on the site of the river of Creuse in Moutier d'Ahun, and in collaboration with the international residence center La Métive, supported by the DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine and the Community of communes Creuse Sud-Ouest, La Métive, Moutier d'Ahun, France

2020 BIG, Biot International Glass Festival, Biot, France
Portraits Paysages, Atelier/Galerie du collectif Les Limousines, Felletin, France
23.1, collectif CAC 23, La Quincaillerie Numérique, Guéret, France

2019 Le Grand Atelier, Ateliers de la Mine, Lavaveix-les-Mines, France
Révélations, biennial events for arts and crafts and contemporary creation, Grand Palais, Paris, France
JEMA 2019 - Signature de Territoire, Les Ateliers de la Gare, Felletin, France
Salon d'Art abordable, Pavillon du Verdurier, Limoges, France
Out of the Window #4 : Hommage à Tanizaki, collective exhibiyion, Cité internationale de la tapisserie d’Aubusson, Galerie des Marches, Aubusson, France

2018 A 4 mains, presentation of a unique piece, Pavillon du Verdurier, Limoges, France
Ateliers ouverts, guest artist, Atelier la F.A.N, Strasbourg, France
Avant-propos – Territoire/Créateurs, collective exhibition, Galerie AM’Carte, Aubusson, France
JEMA 2018, Les Ateliers de la Gare de Felletin, Felletin, France

2017 Exposition-Concert II – Fragiles Insoumises, mater in movement, Maisonnisses, France

2016 Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France
Biennale émergence 2016, Métiers d’Art X Design, Paris, France

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