Inge Hørup - The Lioness
July 9 - September 25, 2022

Opening Sunday, July 10th from 11am

Wild Life (2021) - acrylic on canvas - 160 x 210 cm

I first became acquainted with Karen Blixen's authorship in 1982. It was complet coincidental, and I first thought that she, with her old-fashioned language, must have been dead for at least 100 years.

After quite a few pages of reading, I was totally enchanted by this author's being, her amazing dramas, imagination and erratic style. To my mind, one painting after another appeared.

I then read everything there was to read about - and about this author. A few years later cam the film "Out of Africa", the Museum in Nairobi in Kenya was established, and a few years after the Karen Blixen Museum in Rungstedlund, Denmark.

When Galerie Capazza invited me to do this sommer exhibition, I thought it would be exciting to pay tribute to Karen Blixen - in my expression. 

With Karen Blixen, the playful, the serious and the strange are inseparably intertwined. Her writing is interwoven with references to e.g. The Bible and The Koran, from which she incorporates narratives and figures, God and prophets, symbols and issues.

But they are turned around and turned humorously on - some might think blasphemous - show what does not make her world less deep. She manages - with one of her favorite Shakespearean quotes - to transform valuable pieces from the past and the tradition "into something rich and strange" - into a "new and marvelous Treasure". 

She is naughty by nature, but "bien élevée". So one has to be very attentive to spot how naughty she is behind the cultivated facade and the old-fashioned baguage suit. - Inge Hørup, May 2022


The rider
acrylic on canvas
135 x 90 cm

The Lioness
acrylic on canvas 
135 x 90 cm

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Opening hours of the exhibition:

  • from July 9th to September 25th: Saturdays, Sundays and French holidays / 10am-12:30 and 2:30-7pm
  • Thrusday, July 14th: 10am-12:30 and 2:30-7pm
  • Friday, July 15th: 10am-12:30 and 2:30-7pm
  • Monday, August 15th: 10am-12:30 and 2:30-7pm

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