Dancing with the clouds
Collective exhibition with permanent and guest artists
March 18 - June 25, 2023

Opening on Saturday, March 18, 2023

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Dancing with the clouds

Like a little bird
Take the height
And contemplate this crazy world.
From the clouds,
Singing little melodies to it,
And hope that they reach the ears.
To offer them a little of this lightness,
Of this desire to dance and to twirl,
To share, to be moved
And to throw high-pitched laughter in echo towards the sky

Dancing with the clouds

Laura Capazza-Durand

from left to right: Corinne Guého - Sandra Zeenni - Brigitte Pénicaud

from left to right: Fabrice Rebeyrolle - Wenqi Liu - Jani

Opening hours of the exhibition:

  • from March 18 to June 25: Saturdays, Sundays and French holidays / 10am-12:30 and 21:30-7pm
  • Monday, April 10: 10am-12:30 and 21:30-7pm
  • Monday, May 1st: 10am-12:30 and 21:30-7pm
  • Monday, May 8: 10am-12:30 and 21:30-7pm
  • Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19: 10am-12:30 and 21:30-7pm
  • Monday, May 29: 10am-12:30 and 21:30-7pm

For a better view, please turn your smartphone.