LESAFFRE Laetitia, photography

The grain, the blur of the painting gives the subject its intimacy. My photographs become impressionist, they abandon the line to keep only the essence of the subject. 

Laetitia Lesaffre 


Laetitia Lesaffre is a visual artist, lacquer painter and photographer. Her entire artistic approach focuses on reflection. She photographs her subjects in reflection in her lacquered paintings. 

The mirror - a symbol of the purity of the soul in Japan - often incites introspection. Through the mirror effect, the model emerges from the darkness, perceives himself, sees himself looked at and looking at... The image it offers will no longer be really his own: triggered at the moment he lets his thoughts drift, and distorted because it is such a particular reflection, the image that remains is a sketch, an impression, which is meant to be as accurate as possible. 

Between composition and spontaneity, between meditation and immediate action, the artist seeks to capture that moment when the subject escapes his image and thus gives to see another interpretation of the body, the portrait, the very essence of the subject. 

Over time, his photographic work takes on a sociological dimension. His series of portraits " DE-SOL-ES, enfance exilée " created in residence at France Terre d'Asile like his series " Kintsugi, reflets de femmes " anchor his work in contemporary reality. 

She participates in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad: she exhibits in Milan (MIA), Brussels (AAF), Cologne (List), Paris (Fotofever, Galerie Hegoa), Lille (Melting Art Gallery), New York (Sturgis Art Gallery). His works are part of private and public collections. She has also participated in a group exhibition at the Maison de la Photographie in Lille, received awards (Objectif FEMMES 2018 winner, Essonne General Council prize, Beaune jury's special prize, Boesner prize). 

Insatiable researcher, she continues her experimental approach by practicing traditional lacquer, the art of Kintsugi, old-fashioned prints and mordanting, and through reflections, dissolves the frontier between painting and photography. 

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2020 Guest of honnor, Biennial of photography, City Hall of the 15th, Paris, France
Exhibition Kintsugi, Galerie Terres, Paris, France
Exhibition Vendômois hors les murs, Galerie Hegoa, France

2019  Exhibition Galerie Hegoa, Paris 7, France
Salon Comparaisons, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Personal exhibition at the City Hall of the 20th and the City Hall of the 9th, Paris, France
Collective exhibition, Galerie Youn Montréal, Canada
Exhibition Reco Sturgis, New York, USA
Fotofever with the Galerie Melting Art

2018  Fotofever, Winner of the Price Objectif femmes, City Hall of the 9th, Paris, France
Artcité, City Hall of Fontenay sous Bois, France
La photographie et ses dérives, Espace d’Art Chailloux, Fresnes, France
Permanent exhibition at the Galerie Eleven Rennes & Art Traffic, Biarritz, France

2017  Phot’Aix, Galerie Jean Louis Ramand, France
Puls’art, Le Mans, France
Exhibition Résonnance, Cultural Center of Pierrefitte, France
Personal exhibition, Castle of Val aux grès, France

2016  AAF Bruxelles with the Galerie Jean Louis Ramand, France
Personal exhibition, BNP Grands Moulins de Pantin, France
MIA Milan with the Galerie Jean Louis Ramand, OFI mécénat, Paris 
AAF Amsterdam, Netherlands
St’art Strasbourg, France
Guest of honor, Salon de la photo Corbeil Essonne, France

2015  Maison de la Photographie, Lille, Melting Art, France
Fotofever Paris, Noorforart, France
Permanent exhibition, Galerie au-delà des apparences, Annecy, France
Permanent exhibition, Galerie Flo, Aigues Mortes, France
AAF Londres, Orange Cobalt
Exhibition Jeunes Talents, Galerie Sylvie Lepage, France
Essone Regional Council Award, France 

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Lacquer technique

Lacquer has been known since ancient times in various parts of the world. It is with the sap of a Sumac - Rhus vernicifira - used in China for more than 5000 years that the most sumptuous heritage was created.

The lacquer created from this material harvested by gemmaging the lacquer tree or lacquer tree is glazed in successive layers, sanded and then worked like the old masters. It gained its letters of nobility thanks to successive generations of Chinese and then Japanese lacquerers who surpassed themselves in the creation of decorations rich in techniques - engraving, gold and silver aventurine, relief, mother-of-pearl inlay, hard stone bones and ivory.

European artists imitated this technique and its material until they invented a purely Western style.  Today, the craft of lacquering is in constant evolution and is constantly being enriched with new expressions.

Today, the artist Laetitia Lesaffre is developing her craft as a lacquerer by using it in the service of her photographic approach: at the frontier between painting and photography, her work explores the reflection in her lacquers.

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